Eight things much more addictive than the weed

Are you worried about cannabis addiction? Relax, because this is definitely the last thing to worry about when it comes to an addicting product.

Among the received ideas cannabis is just a way to escape and demotivate that will make you addicted. The reality is different. Cannabis is the least of your addiction problems, given our environment which has some really much more addicting things. 

Here are eight common addictions that are much more difficult to stop than the most loaded strains.


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It's a sneaky addiction you might not expect, but it's estimated that around 2-8% of the U.S. population tend to have it. compulsive shopping.

Researchers aren't sure which part of the brain is responsible for buying behavior. However, data has shown that the brain participates in the same dopamine reward loop that is associated with drug addiction.

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Junk food

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People who tend to have binge eating disorders share similar behavior with drug addicts. Thus planning junk food sessions and hiding from them are part of his common attitudes.


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Gambling is one of the most addicting human behaviors known to researchers. Scientists found that gambling disorders reflected a similar dependence on addictive substances.

Online games

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There is a syndrome called IGD (" Internet Gaming Disorder“, Or Online Gaming Addiction) which has attracted attention. There have been reports that young men in Asia have become so addicted to online games that they have quit eating, socializing and even going to work.


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Researchers have found that sex can increase activity in the brain and mimic the activity of addictive drugs. About 3 to 6% of Americans have compulsive sex.

The alcohol

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Approximately 7% of the United States population was classified as an alcoholic in a 2010 study. The symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal syndrome are so severe that they can cause intense cravings for alcohol that affect the brain's reward system.

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Yes, tobacco is still very addictive and it is still legal. And it's worse than cannabis in every way. Worse yet, tobacco is more addictive than cocaine.


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Caffeine is a stimulant widely and impacting the central nervous system. People who consume at least 100 mg of caffeine a day (about a cup of coffee) are likely to become addicted. The withdrawal symptoms of caffeine are a reality that causes headaches, muscle aches, depression, nausea, lethargy and even vomiting. About 90% of the French population uses caffeine daily.

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