For the first time, a cannabis strain, Charlotte's Web, has been patented

charlotte web

The Charlotte's Web strain has been officially recognized as an invention, by a patent issued by the US Patent Registrar, the American body validating technical innovations

This patent surrender is unprecedented for cannabis. The strain contains less than 0,3% THC, which categorizes it as "hemp" according to US law in force since December 2018. The strain is registered under the registration number CW2A. It is particularly resistant to low temperature. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to produce an average of 6,24% CBD and only 0,27% THC.

This low THC content opens the door to categorization as "hemp", as defined by 2018's American Farm Bill, which establishes that beyond 0,3%, no cannabis plant can fall under the strict definition of hemp.

The strain "Charlotte's Web" owes its fame to Charlotte Figi whose first name gave its name to this variety, a young epileptic with Darvet syndrome. Her symptoms are drastically reduced, allowing her to lead a normal life. This story then made the headlines of the press and international media.

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The company "Stanley Brothers", filed a patent in May 2018, and in July 2019 the company finally received its patent, becoming the first to obtain it for a strain of cannabis.

Charlotte's Web Stanley Brothers Weed Pot Marijuana Colorado California
Charlotte's Web grows on Brother Stanley's farm near Wray, Colo

This is what looks like patenting of a cannabis strain.

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