A unique approach for the extraction of cannabinoids


Canada's Beleave And Ryerson Develops Unique Approach to Cannabinoid Extraction

The extraction of cannabis is a highly complex and scientific process. The objective is to separate the advantageous compounds from the unusable plant materials. As cannabis extracts become more widely available. Including the simplified, safe and industrialized processes to properly extract cannabinoids. Not to mention an extraction of terpenes which is becoming a focal point for many manufacturers. A publicly traded Canadian biotechnology company and licensed producer of medical cannabis, Beleave Inc., has developed a unique approach to extraction. Especially in the recovery of cannabinoids which could revolutionize the future of the development and commercialization of cannabis.

cannabinoids, terpenes, extraction

An effective way to provide quality cannabis extracts

beleave, who recently completed the extraction project led by Dr. Lesley Campbell. This associate professor at Ryerson University, believes that this research will potentially serve to better industrialize medical cannabis. Beleave and Dr. Campbell's lab have previously sought to create innovative methods for extracting cannabinoids.

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cannabinoids, terpenes, extraction

In addition, the research team was able to compare their new methods with other practical approaches. The comparison includes all common methods currently used in the industrial production of cannabis oil.

cannabinoids, terpenes, extraction

The results resulted in a new, technologically advanced way of extracting cannabinoids and terpene. This supported Beleave's goal of becoming a licensed medical marijuana producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes (ACMPR) Regulations in Canada. Health Canada, an institution that ensures high quality public health standards for its citizens, validates the project. The CEO of Beleave, Roger Ferreira, said at the time than :

The development of these technologies is in line with Beleave's corporate mission to be a leading supplier of medical cannabis products in Canada.

Research continues

In March, Beleave partnered with a senior professor of analytical biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biology at Ryerson University. This in a second research project on standardization of medicines based on cannabis.

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cannabinoids, terpenes, extraction

After establishing the unique extraction technique, the researchers obtained a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC). This is for a 6 month project to develop purification methods for medicinal compounds. Ferreira expressed his high hopes for the company:

An exciting goal of this project will be for Beleave to have large scale industrial processes for the isolation of certain compounds. We want to develop precisely formulated and standardized compositions, and ultimately evaluate this PI for commercial applications.

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