Driving simulator tests cannabis users

University of California Medical Cannabis Research Center (CMCR) studies cannabis-influenced driving on a simulator

To better understand how cannabis use affects road safety, the Medicinal Cannabis Research Center (CMCR) at the University of Southern California is working with the California Highway Patrol to determine how fast you can drive when you're stoned. … Under the influence of cannabis and on a driving simulator, participants will undergo performance tests in complete safety.

cannabis influence, driving, road safety, driving simulator

Simulated driving test, and levels of cannabinoids

If a person uses cannabis in the morning, how long does their high last? When is a person no longer under the influence? In addition, researchers are examining these issues because road safety continues to be a priority in states where recreational cannabis is legal.

"They really want to figure out what an impaired driver is and not just someone with THC in their blood." Says Tom Marcotte, CMCR co-director at UC San Diego. “Studies like ours can give people a better idea of ​​how long they should wait before driving. If you smoked this morning, are you impaired throughout the day? Are you drunk for a few hours? Or, are you not disabled? We are trying to respond to that. ”

The study, which involves 180 volunteers. Ultimately, it will also analyze how drivers under the influence of cannabis react to common challenges on the road. Like making a turn against traffic… Or deciding to brake or drive through a yellow light…

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Marcotte says pilots under the influence often struggle with some common driving duties. Sheer and braking appear to be particularly affected. In addition, the study will determine whether a person who uses cannabis is more manageable than the alcohol user. This is because cannabis users can have THC in their system and not be affected by it.

How does it work?

cannabis influence, driving, road safety, driving simulator

After the initial visit, participants do some testing on a simulator. In addition, participants receive joints, rolled on the spot… Cannabis with different concentrations of THC - or not at all…

The subjects then complete a series of tests. These include driving simulations, digital performance evaluations, field sobriety tests etc ... Following the performance evaluation tests, participants will perform tasks on iPad relating to engine control, attention. and to memory.

CMCR researchers pay participants $ 50 for the initial appointment and $ 180 when they return for their assessment after a full day of testing. Researchers are still looking for approximately 80 participants, who must have a strong experience with cannabis ...

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