An Accurate Assessment of the Impact of Cannabis Using Technology Inspired by Video Games

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Reliable Assessment of Cannabis Impairment

The dominant approach to measuring the impact of cannabis on driving and work performance is through drug testing. However, these tests often focus on detecting residual chemicals in the body after drug use, rather than actually assessing impaired abilities.

Lack of an Equivalent Breathalyzer for Cannabis

The lack of a breathalyzer equivalent for cannabis is a major challenge, as alcohol and THC behave differently in the body. THC metabolites can persist at high levels long after the psychoactive effects have worn off, complicating the assessment of the state of intoxication, especially for patients using cannabis for medical purposes.

Flaws of the Slogan “If you feel different, you drive differently”

Research shows that people often underestimate their impairment due to alcohol or cannabis. Medical cannabis users take the risk of testing positive in a drug test, even if they are no longer under the effects of the product.

Body Fluid Issues in the Assessment of Cannabis Impairment

Blood and saliva tests ignore the tolerance effects developed by regular cannabis users, such as patients under medical treatment. These tests can be discriminatory, imposing stricter standards on cannabis users compared to alcohol users.

The Solution: The Druid Application from Impairment Science, Inc.

The Druid app, developed by a cannabis user, measures cognitive-motor disorders by evaluating parameters such as reaction time and balance. Validated in published studies, Druid stands out by accurately detecting levels of impairment due to THC consumption, even among frequent users.

Druid as a Sensitive Alternative

Druid has been evaluated in several studies, including that of the Johns Hopkins Medical School, where it proved to be the most sensitive measure of impairment. Unlike traditional tests, Druid can differentiate levels of impairment based on the amounts of THC consumed.

Druid's Different Approach to Assessing Cannabis Impairment

Based on cognitive neuroscience, the application offers fun tasks measuring various cognitive skills. Druid's unique score, based on hundreds of measurements, offers an accurate assessment of impairment, providing individuals with a baseline for assessing the impact of their medical cannabis treatment.

Potential Contributions to Medical Cannabis Treatment

Druid could play a significant role in medical cannabis treatment, allowing patients and their doctors to determine the best dose with the least impairment possible. Druid Enterprise also offers a cloud-based platform for doctors to track their patients' scores and evaluate treatment effectiveness.

Cannabis Tolerance and Future Research

Cannabis tolerance is well documented, raising crucial questions, particularly for medical patients. Current studies primarily focus on occasional consumers, highlighting the need for in-depth research on frequent consumers to better understand the impact of cannabis on performance.

In summary, the Druid app offers an innovative approach to assessing cannabis-related impairment, providing a more accurate and equitable solution compared to traditional screening methods. Its continued development could open new perspectives for the medical use of cannabis while ensuring public safety.

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