A majority of the British public supports the legalization of cannabis

Exclusive BMG Research poll shows UK public supports legalization of cannabis

Following a series of events regarding the introduction of cannabis oil to the UK, the UK public appears to be supporting legalization. This is what an exclusive BMG Research poll reveals, the British want cannabis to be sold in stores like alcohol and tobacco. In addition, they overwhelmingly support decriminalization, which would free up police time and resources.

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A public receptive to legalization

The exclusive BMG Research poll for The Independent comes days after cannabis oil was first legally introduced into the UK. Indeed, Hannah Deacon, received authorization to cross London City airport with five months of supplies from Amsterdam, in order to treat her epileptic son.

But within hours, Sophia Gibson of Newtownards, County Down, was rushed to hospital and placed on life support as she waited for a permit to obtain cannabis oil ...

legalization, British public, United Kingdom, bmg research, survey
Sophia Gibson 6 years old suffers from a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome.

The exclusive BMG Research poll

Following the news, more than 1 people were asked whether they supported or opposed the proposal to "legalize cannabis, so that it is legally sold in a government regulated market in the same way as alcohol and tobacco ”.

Overall, 22% of respondents strongly supported the proposal. While 29% supported it somewhat, bringing total support to 51%. 19% strongly opposed it and 16% somewhat. This brings the proportion of those who oppose it to 35%, while 14% are without opinion.

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legalization, British public, United Kingdom, bmg research, survey
BMG Research is a leading market research company in England

We then asked: "Would you believe that cannabis is decriminalized? While remaining a controlled substance not available on the market, but not criminalized. " 

UK public support increased slightly, reaching 52% overall. With 20% supporting it strongly and 32% somewhat. 17% opposed it a little, while 16% strongly opposed it - a total opposition of 33% - and 16% without opinion.

The opinion of organizations

Important figures have recently supported legalization. Former Tory leader and Foreign Secretary William Hague said his party should be "Daring". This by adopting a "Decisive change that would be beneficial economically and socially".

Durham Police Chief Mike Barton agreed with Lord Hague that the current system is not working and that cannabis should be legalized. He quotes :

“The status quo is not sustainable. It is getting worse. Drugs are becoming cheaper, stronger, more readily available and more dangerous. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion over the years that we need to regulate the market.»

Meanwhile, the Health Poverty Action charity recently estimated that legalizing and regulating the sale of cannabis could pay off every year. 3,5 billion tax revenues to the government, including additional funds for the NHS. Health Poverty Action suggests:

“We could regulate or limit the potency, as well as the amount of heavy metals, pesticides or other harmful products, ensuring the safety of cannabis users.»

Martin Drewry, director of Health Poverty Action, said:

"This week, Canada will become the first G7 country to legalize and regulate cannabis. It is clear that the war on drugs has failed. Responsible regulation protecting public health is the way forward.»

A government loaned to medical cannabis

England has since explored the evidence for the medical benefits of cannabis. Government advisers are ready to recommend cannabis oil to patients.

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legalization, British public, United Kingdom, bmg research, survey
Alfie Dingley, the mother of a boy with epilepsy, legally transported cannabis oil to the UK border. She got a special license from the government.

But at the moment there is no question of the government legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes. The penalties for unauthorized supply and possession remain in effect in the UK.

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