Swiss herb sold as a substitute for tobacco

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A Swiss herb sold as a substitute for tobacco - In Switzerland, high-grade cannabis CBD sold as a substitute for tobacco

A Swiss company specializing in organic food offers the Federal Office a new herb rich in CBD as a substitute for tobacco, because of its very low THC content and compliance with Swiss federal laws. Sales will be limited to the country, due to numerous legal and European contradictions.

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The strain of Bio Can, "Fedora", produces CBD at 7,2%, and remains almost zero in THC is 0,04% ... The company Bio Can complies with the Swiss law on narcotics in the category "law on food", which makes an herb legally comparable to the sage...

Serre at Bio Can

BioCan is an innovative company that focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of hemp and CBD raw materials. Fedora cannabis flowers are sativa dominant, rich in CBDa / CBD and terpenes, organically cultivated in Switzerland, under glass.

"The product contains all the active ingredients in cannabis, including the calming effect of the cannabinoid CBD, without being intoxicating," Dario Tobler, General Manager of Bio Can

The CBD is already registered with the Federal Office of Health; no permission is required for supermarkets. This marijuana is currently sold in Switzerland up to 25 Swiss francs (23 euros) for 10 grams.

CPure product packaging (Fedora 14 buds)

The Zurich Municipal Police

However, the case has already attracted the attention of the Zurich City Police, largely because CBD-rich flowers have a much more powerful odor than other cannabis plants.

Police get their hands on 1500 plants in Zurich ...

According to Swiss law, the consumption or possession of cannabis (10g) brings a fine of 100 Swiss francs to the state coffers. For now, according to a spokesman for the Zurich police, the authorities will proceed as usual: the cannabis will be confiscated and analyzed, the THC content must be less than 1% to return to its owner ... On the other hand if the THC is higher than 1%, the apprehended will have to pay in addition to the fine, the expenses of analysis ...

Switzerland & the EU

CBD-based products have been gaining popularity again this year in Zurich. Several companies have grown cannabis plants (hemp) under glass, in accordance with medical standards. But Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, sales of "CPure" will be limited in the territory.


The EU theoretically accepts a high THC at 0,3%, Switzerland is more generous with a THC at 1%. Swiss production is currently banned in the rest of Europe, but producers are getting around this problem by offering oils, very low THC extracts, to meet the requirements of the European community and abroad.

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