A good diet can help with “cannabis withdrawal”

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Tips to accompany a good detox

Whatever your reason for deciding to "cleanse your body" of your cannabis use, a good diet will prevent you from ruining all your efforts. Some foods should be avoided, while others may benefit you. The first piece of advice is therefore to pay attention to, or even change, your eating habits. Even if you use other processes to cleanse yourself, what you eat will facilitate the elimination of toxins produced by your body. A healthy diet can relieve some symptoms of your detoxification and will help your body eliminate toxins faster.

On the other hand, eating badly can quickly complicate your detoxification. Inadequate foods will aggravate your symptoms, such as fatigue, irritability, dehydration, and may even increase your toxin levels. here is a few tips for a successful detox.

Here is what it is not recommended to consume during your detox

The alcohol

Alcohol does not hydrate more it makes lethargic, nauseated. It is in itself a toxin for the body, inevitably it increases the symptoms of withdrawal and the toxins of the blood.


Caffeine is a chemical compound found naturally in coffee, but also tea and some stimulant drinks. Caffeine has stimulating and slightly diuretic effects. It is especially prized for its invigorating effect on the nervous system and the cardiovascular system, since it helps to temporarily reduce fatigue and increases the attention and energy of individuals. A high amount of caffeine (1000mg or more / day can cause nervousness and increased breathing rate, insomnia, high blood pressure. It should be avoided, like alcohol it increases your side effects.

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Dairy products

Dairy products are often cumbersome and delay the process of eliminating toxins from your body.

The meat

Just like dairy products, meat, especially beef, is difficult to digest and when it's in your digestive system is a breeding ground for certain harmful bacteria.

Processed foods

They often contain a significant amount of chemicals and put a strain on your faith, faith being one of the filter organs of your body, the less you consume, the better it will be and can promote your detox.

Le sucre

We even consume it without thinking about it, but it is very important to realize that it is preferable to avoid its consumption during your detox because sugar eliminates good bacteria from your digestive system which are necessary for the success of your detox plan. . Ultimately, sugar often increases your fatigue and irritability.

wheat and gluten

Both irritate your intestines and inhibit the ability of your organs. Wheat can alter your intestinal lining and gluten, like wheat, can cause stomach pain, constipation, and poor absorption of essential nutrients that are even more important than usual when you want to detox.

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Foods to focus on

The first thing to do is make sure you have good hydration. To do this eat as many vegetables as possible such as celery, cabbage, various and varied salads and according to the season. Many fruits are also rich in water such as citrus fruits, apples, obviously avoiding those that are too sweet.

Foods rich in fiber are also recommended because they allow better digestion. Opt for whole grains like quinoa or brown rice instead of wheat or gluten.

If you cannot do without meat, prefer lean meats which are easier to digest. Freshwater fish, lamb and poultry are the preferred products to promote your detox.

En conclusion

Many people do not realize how a good balanced diet can be an essential aid in eliminating toxins. Eating the right foods that are well hydrated are key to a good detox, eat light with foods that are gentle on your stomach so as not to slow down your body's detoxification process. You can also find detox kits to help remove toxins from your body

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