A medicine against brain cancer

The cannabis drug against Glioblastoma multiforme

GW Pharmaceuticals is already well on its way to winning the first-ever US approval for a cannabis-derived treatment. But an early trial suggests that these treatments could also be an effective way to fight one of the most devastating forms of brain cancer: glioblastoma multiforme.

An experimental drug based on THC

La British company GWP unveiled preliminary data Tuesday from of a study mid-term on an investigational drug. This one associating cannabidiol and THC. Indeed, the results so far show that the drug increases the survival rate of patients with brain cancer. And that about six months compared to a placebo. Typically, this type of cancer ravages the brain and (on average) leaves 70% of patients dead within two years of being diagnosed.

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Brain tumors prefer men with high protein content ...

“We believe that the efficacy signals demonstrated in this study further enhance the potential role of cannabinoids. Especially in the field of oncology. GW tends to provide the prospect of a new cannabinoid-based product and separate products in the treatment of glioma, ”GW CEO Justin Gover said in a report.


GW is already interpreting the results as a reason to expand its foray into cancer treatment. The company's most advanced candidate, Epidiolex, is the closest to reaching the United States market. But the company has set more ambitious ambitions in an environment where cannabis products are increasingly accepted.

Epidiolex for the treatment of severe epilepsy associated with a number of rare diseases

On the one hand, Gover thinks cannabidiol-based therapies show a lot of promise in behavioral disorders like schizophrenia, he said. However, the effect of Marijuana on cancer is still not entirely clear. A recent review of American scientists suggests that the drug is effective in treating pain. As well as against nausea in cancer patients. But it doesn't necessarily treat cancer.

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Field of culture dedicated to GW Pharma

However, GW's drug isn't just marijuana to smoke. Indeed, it contains concentrated derivatives. This drug is currently undergoing the kind of clinical trials that could provide new insights into the study of cannabis. Case to follow

Medicines derived from the medical cultivation of cannabis

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