France: a decree to authorize the first experiments

Green light for experimentation with therapeutic cannabis

The Ministry of Health published on Friday a eagerly awaited by patients authorizing the first experiments, in a very controlled and limited framework, of cannabis for therapeutic use in France. This experiment will be initiated by March 31, 2021 with three thousand people in great suffering. It is the first step so hoped for after years of work of persuasion and conviction with the public authorities and the medical authorities of our country.

Eric CORREIA, President of the Agglomeration Community of Grand Guéret and Regional Councilor of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, initiator of the Creuse fight for the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic use, is delighted with the publication which has just been made of the experimentation decree.  

The delay taken by France compared to most of its European neighbors is considerable, it was only time to act. It is now done and this decree is a first recognition of the cruel situation experienced by those first concerned, the too many patients afflicted by painful and sometimes incurable pathologies.  

La Creuse is ready to experiment on its soil. She has been from the start. For years. We must not be forgotten, we who are national precursors and initiators of this dossier. We are now awaiting the decree which will give us the right to exploit the flower within the framework of an agricultural economic sector which, from production to processing, purification and marketing, is already established and fully operational in our department. .

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Cannabis for smoking is excluded from the protocol. The drugs will come in the form of oils, capsules and dried flower spray and will only be given to patients with serious illnesses: certain forms of epilepsy, neuropathic pain, side effects of chemotherapy, palliative care or multiple sclerosis.


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