A British lawyer wears a vegetable hemp wig as an alternative to horsehair, shaking up a centuries-old tradition

lawyer hemp wig

Replacing horsehair with respectful hemp, here are the first vegetable and vegan wigs for lawyers

A UK-based lawyer is shaking up the centuries-old tradition that lawyers wear wigs made from horsehair. He wants lawyers in the country's high courts to start wearing hemp-based vegan headgear.

Samuel March premiered hemp wigs last year. According to him, horsehair wigs are outdated and the cannabis-based version could be an animal- and eco-friendly vegan alternative to the status quo.

For now, the hemp wig is in the "testing phase" for interested members. But he hopes she will be adopted.

"Hemp is a material known for its strength, I don't think there can be any wear and tear issues, but there is always a risk when you're the first to try something," March told Telegrph. "The wigs will be made in the UK, and although this remains a small market for vegan avocados only, I intend to continue selling them."

Hemp & Hemp, Hemp & Hemp the company founded by March, manufactures the very first headgear for lawyers made from hemp and respecting the environment.

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The British government has not been particularly progressive when it comes to marijuana reform, but the country has adopted hemp in various forms in recent years.

Mr. March also acknowledged that hemp wigs aren't for everyone, and he's not trying to force them on lawyers who have reservations.

He said respecting the long legal tradition of wearing wigs should be made optional "for people who wear turbans, scarves, Afro hair or any other reason to feel uncomfortable dressing like an 18th century white man.

“Not all the lawyers are eccentric, male, privately educated white men, former Cambridge theater students,” he added.

In this regard, a black lawyer recently criticized the “culturally insensitive” and “ridiculous” tradition of requiring lawyers to subscribe to an old-fashioned hair style that requires donning horse-derived hair to appear in proceedings. judicial.

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Leslie Thomas QC said the requirement to wear a wig 'represents and defines the climate of cultural insensitivity' an issue brought to the fore after another barrister, Michael Etienne, who has an afro, was threatened with action disciplinary if he chose to come to plead without a wig.

I love my wig but it should be optional for people who wear turbans, scarves, afro hair or any other reason to feel uncomfortable dressing like an 18th century white man. Not all lawyers are eccentric white men, privately educated and having studied acting at Cambridge.
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