Why Big Pharma fights marijuana?

Why Big Pharma fights marijuana?

Big Pharma or when medical cannabis reduces drug abuse and mainly analgesics

A body of research showing that painkiller abuse and overdose are lower in the United States since the laws in favor of medical marijuana. This contradicts the entire argument of the prohibitionists on the fact that marijuana would encourage abuse ^^


Decrease in prescriptions and overdoses ...

A new study, published in the magazine Health Affairs provides clear evidence of a causation between marijuana and the drop in overdoses. For example, Ashley & David W. Bradfort (father and daughter) from the University of Georgia analyzed the database of all drug prescriptions.

Ashley & David W. Bradfort (father and daughter)

They found a decrease in the prescription of analgesics and other classes of drugs deemed deadly in the 17 medical cannabis states. Also, a typical doctor in a state where medical marijuana is legal, prescribes 1826 fewer doses of pain relievers on average in a year ...

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In a press releaseSenior author Ashley Bradford writes, “The results suggest people are really using marijuana as a medicine and not just using it recreationally. "

Big Pharma

This study on pain relief prescriptions is likely to cause concern for Big Pharma. These companies that have been at the forefront of anti-cannabis movements, fund groups research supporting prohibition, and anti-marijuana groups such as the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America.

Poster of the convention: “Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America”…

Pharmaceutical companies have also lobbied federal agencies to prevent legalization. In a recent case we learn that the Ministry of Health and Human Resources had recommended that THC (psychoactive component of cannabis) be downgraded from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3 - A less restrictive category that will recognize use medical THC. In addition, The DEA finally rejected the entire proposal, and without explanation.

Health Economics

Many nations, including France who face what Time calls a " opioid epidemic". In the usas, overdoses due to heroin or opioids have doubled since 1999, killing 80 people a day.

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Prince one of the many victims of opioids

The overuse of drugs is literally ruining the country. While the study itself reveals that if the 50 states follow the path of therapeutic cannabis, half a billion dollars would be saved by Medicare in a year ...

When medical cannabis reduces drug abuse

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