Uruguay adopts cannabis traceability system

The first medical application for cannabis traceability

Uruguay Can launches the world's first medical cannabis traceability application using “Blockchain” storage technology in partnership with æternity blockchain. The platform makes it possible to map the entire production chain, but also the climatic conditions in which the plant was cultivated and all the stages up to its conditioning.

Why is product traceability important?

"This transparency in the field of medical cannabis is a priority because of the obstacles to its export. The main problem is that the amount of cannabinoids the plant should have must be stable. Cannabis is a very unstable plant in the sense that, depending on how it was treated during its cultivation, it produces a different amount of cannabinoids and therefore its effect is variable in each case.

Ms. Sanguinetti, director of public relations for æternity global in her interview El Paiss

The concentration of cannabinoids is what makes the product work or not. The user will be able to access this technology as if it were any other mobile application; however, the creators of the platform qualify it as different from all other applications.

Uruguay Can creates a foolproof solution. The documentation of the production process in the production chain has an unprecedented advantage because it cannot be changed. The developers assure that it is impossible for anyone to hack the system to obtain or modify information. The firm has made an allegory of it. “It remains as tattooed, replicated, encrypted in several places at the same time, contrary to centralized mechanisms. It is one of the most important variables of the project. The security offered by traceability will serve to strengthen investor confidence.

The development of this technology was carried out by the Uruguayan company Inmind, who worked on the project for eight months. The tracking system will be deployed from June July, just in time for the cannabis planting phase in the region. The platform is open source and can be reprogrammed to be applicable to any other culture. Developers just need to adjust the parameters to fit the specific strain.

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