What if you got paid to do a weed test?

It is now possible, researchers at King's College London want to study people who smoke weed to better understand the impact of this substance on the human brain.

Don't worry, this isn't a set-up by the police to identify stoners and get them to quit. This is indeed an official study financed by the Medical Research Council, who wants to uncover some truths about why people react differently to cannabis.

Researchers have declared that since more than 200 million people use cannabis daily worldwide, they want to know more about the real effects of this substance on our mind and body.

Many people enjoy the herb for medical and recreational purposes, but some claim it has a negative effect on their mental health. The study aims to determine the factors that could explain this difference in reaction. They want to know if there are any biological factors that make a person more likely to develop psychosis after using cannabis.

Both groups of people must be over 18 and live in the London area, be fluent in English and willing to participate in the face-to-face part of the study. It involves giving a blood sample and taking part in a virtual reality experience. Scientists are looking for regular weed smokers to participate in their studies.

For all surveys, a selection of people will be chosen to participate in the final phase of the study and will undergo a host of tests and experiments to help researchers get the data they need.

There is currently a bit of a row over the status of cannabis in the UK, as Home Secretary Suella Braverman once considered making weed a classy drug A. It would mean that it would be legally considered as bad as drugs such asheroin and cocaine, and carries harsher and longer penalties.

Others are looking at ways to legalize weed, while the country's various police forces have adopted different approaches to people who consume.

Scientists are looking for regular smokers, as well as people who have smoked only up to three times in their lifetime, with two distinct groups of individuals looking to be recruited. If you live in the UK and fit the Cannabis & Me study profile and want a chance to win a weed smoking voucher, you can complete the consent and eligibility form here.

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