4 good reasons to develop method SOG and 1 disadvantage

4 good reasons to develop the sog method and 1 disadvantage 5

The SOG technique

“Sea of ​​Green” is the act of bringing cannabis plants together during cultivation rather than separating them from each other. This method can ensure a greater amount of harvest in a minimum time. Here are 4 significant advantages of one of the oldest reproductive techniques and an equally important disadvantage.

cannabis plants, sea of ​​green, SOG

Sea of ​​Green

Over the years, producers of cannabis have continued to develop many methods. Especially to improve indoor growth work. Almost all techniques aim to shorten the growth cycle. And on the other hand increase the final crop production. The cultivation method called “SOG” “Sea of ​​Green” is based on increasing a number of small plants in a small area. All while providing minimal time for vegetative growth (growth phase) and rapid onset of flowering.

cannabis plants, sea of ​​green, SOG
SOG in flowering period

Although this method is considered almost "ancient" in the face of the evolution of the industry today, it is difficult to find a method which provides an effective response to these really important parameters (if one were to summarize the SOG ): creation of a homogeneous canopy as close as possible to the light source, all in an optimal coverage area and in a minimum of time. First of all understand why it is worth it:

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1.Short growth time

At least 5-6 weeks are required before entering the flowering phase in most conventional methods. SOG plants have a growth phase of only two weeks and then immediately begin to flower.

cannabis plants, sea of ​​green, SOG
SOG in a period of growth

2.Accelerated culture

The close arrangement of a large number of plants on either side makes it possible to use the space to the maximum. In all other cultivation methods, the cannabis is trending to dissolve its energy towards a greater number of branches and therefore lose performance. The SOG mode is based on diversification and focuses on the central flower: the one with the most quality. So instead of one root system that will produce many branches, there are multiple systems for fewer branches. In the end, each branch gets more energy and directs its root system to generate a single rich main branch.

3.Maximum use of space

The use of a large number of small plants ensures a balanced and careful deployment in the growing space. In addition, the short growth duration ensures that the cannabis does not reach an exceptional height. It is thus suitable for growers with limited space.

cannabis plants, sea of ​​green, SOG
Illustration: SOG vs. SCROG method

4.Minimum maintenance

Most of the methods require manipulation of the branches throughout the growth phase: bending, pinching (see SCROG method). The SOG technique requires almost no DIY. Once you get into bloom all you have to do is watch the magic happen in front of your eyes.

cannabis plants, sea of ​​green, SOG
SOG outdoor method

5. Only disadvantage: the courts

Still in many places around the world, judges tend to attach importance to the quantity of plants seized (far beyond the size of the plants themselves), and rule on the verdict accordingly. The SOG method forces the use of a large not insignificant number of plants, which in the case of police seizures and criminal proceedings can have a negative effect. Make the good choice.

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