Switzerland to legalize the recreational and medical use of cannabis

cannabis in switzerland

Switzerland: a parliamentary committee voted to promote a law legalizing cannabis

Switzerland will draft a bill to legalize the use of cannabis, after a parliamentary committee estimated, by a majority of 9 supporters against 2 opponents, that this plant should no longer be banned

Parliamentary committees give the green light to the legalization of cannabis

The production, cultivation, trade and consumption of cannabis will no longer be banned in Switzerland after a commission to investigate the substance says the laws need to be changed, the Swiss newspaper reported on Tuesday. View.

The Council of States Social Security and Health Commission (SGK-S) said cannabis should be regulated in Switzerland in order to control the "cannabis market for better protection of young people and consumers". SGK-S's goal is to eliminate the black market in Switzerland. A bill will now be drawn up by the Swiss Parliament.

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Importantly, it appears that not only will medical use be permitted, but recreational use will be permitted as well.

Other rules, such as how individuals will be able to cultivate and produce cannabis for their personal use as well as questions relating to taxes will be defined in a specific legal framework. Legalization enjoys the support of the entire Swiss political spectrum, as 40 members of the National Council have signed the initiative.

Although Swiss laws on cannabis production and consumption are relatively strict, there has been a movement in favor of legalization for some time. According to one of these projects, cannabis sold in Switzerland is produced exclusively by Swiss farmers.

What are the current rules in Switzerland for the consumption of cannabis?

In mid-October 2021, a THC content of at least 1% is generally prohibited in Switzerland and the consumption of products with this content (or a higher content) can be sanctioned with a fine of 100 francs.

And as with almost everything in “federal” Switzerland, there are still considerable differences between the cantons as regards the implementation of the flat-rate fine procedure. On the other hand, the possession of a maximum of 10g of cannabis for personal use is not considered a criminal offense ”, specifies the law, as long as it is not used by minors or sold to them. . And, as with almost everything in decentralized Switzerland, "there are still considerable differences between the cantons as regards the implementation of the flat-rate fine procedure".

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However, “cannabis flowers intended to be smoked with a high proportion of cannabidiol (CBD) and less than 1% THC can be sold and bought legally”, according to the legislation.

The reason is that, unlike THC, cannabidiol "does not have a psychoactive effect". In other words, products that are low in THC and CBD will not provide the “high” that recreational consumers seek.

Conclusion of the three specific recommendations:

  • The sanction for cannabis consumption will be abolished.
  • The supervised cannabis market will control the concentration of active ingredients and the process of production, distribution and sale of products.
  • Steps can be taken to minimize the risks and possible harm caused by cannabis

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