Sublingual vs ingestion which method is best for you?

Absorption of cannabis by the digestive and sublingual route

Absorption of cannabis by the digestive and sublingual route

Figuring out how to take your cannabis treatment can sometimes be a bit difficult. The differences between sublingual (under the tongue) and ingestion (eating and digesting) are there to help you decide which should be your preferred method of consumption apart from inhalation (smoke or vapor).

Sublingual cannabis or to be ingested?

If swallowed, the drug must pass through the entire gastrointestinal tract. It must first pass through the stomach, intestines, and then the liver before entering the general circulation.

Ingestion, Absorption of cannabis, treatment, Sublingual

On the other hand, ingestion tends to be better for a "gradual release" effect. This is because it passes through the gastrointestinal tract and is metabolized in the liver with long lasting effects. This is particularly beneficial as a sleeping pill, as it provides pain relief throughout the night while sleeping. It is suitable for patients who seek to treat the gastrointestinal tract directly, such as those with disease of Crohn.

Ingestion usually takes at least an hour before you feel the effects. Sublingual absorption, on the other hand, is effective in a few minutes… This makes the sublingual approach advantageous for those looking for immediate effects. It works well for patients who need to take cannabis throughout the day.

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On the other hand, sublingual absorption completely bypasses the gastrointestinal tract by being absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This happens through the capillaries under the tongue, which flow through the sublingual vein. Then it passes through the lingual and jugular veins, leading directly into the circulatory system. Once cannabis hits the heart, it circulates throughout the blood within a minute.

The sublingual route

Taking cannabis sublingually is done by keeping the product under the tongue, or between the gum and the cheek. It is necessary to keep the dose for three to ten minutes (or as long as possible) before swallowing. This will allow the maximum amount of medicine to be absorbed. Anything that is left will be swallowed and go through the ingestion process. This provides a small ingestion effect, as well as the immediate sublingual effect. Tinctures are best taken sublingually, as are specially formulated sublingual products. The highest quality sublingual products are fat soluble, which means they are oil based.

Ingestion, Absorption of cannabis, treatment, Sublingual

Fats are absorbed faster and easier under the tongue. For this reason, oil-based products are optimal for sublingual absorption, especially those that contain essential fatty acids.

Immediate absorption

These fats are needed and recognized by the body, and therefore aid in immediate and complete absorption into the bloodstream. TCM or coconut oil fractional, is frequently used for this reason. MCT is composed of medium chain triglycerides, mainly capric and caprylic triglycerides, which contain zero omega fatty acids.

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The finer the emulsification, the faster and easier the body will absorb the product. Sunflower lecithin has been shown to be one of the best fats for sublingual administration. It is known in the form of liposomes. Our cells have an outer layer of phospholipids, so when there is a lipid (or fat / oil) supply, it greatly helps the body to absorb cannabis. Essentially, lipids surround medicinal molecules (such as CBD and THC) and the body recognizes it as a naturally absorbable compound.

En conclusion

While there is no right or wrong way to take your medications, think about what benefits you would like to receive before deciding which method is best for you. Sublingual products have proven to be a great daily treatment for pain relief, while the sedative and relaxing effects of an ingested food can not only help relieve pain, but also promote a good night's sleep.

Ingestion can take up to four to eight hours to feel the effects, and the sublingual effects can happen as quickly as five to thirty minutes, so be the judge! Remember, you can always eat more… not less.

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