Poland says yes to medical cannabis

poland says yes to medical cannabis 8

Polish Parliament (Sejm) influenced by popular movements, votes in favor of medical cannabis

The Sejm has adopted a law that aims to give patients access to cannabis preparations for therapeutic use. The vote was strongly influenced by the involvement of popular and political movements. But these preparations will be available in pharmacies on medical prescription, and the raw substance will be imported from abroad.

Sejm, medical cannabis, Poland

A vote influenced by cannabis advocates

European Union policy allowed member states to choose their drug policy. In Poland, the Parliament has started a debate on new legislation that would allow access to cannabis to tens of thousands of Poles with health problems.

Sejm, medical cannabis, Poland
Event organized by Wolne Konopie

This in front of the tireless efforts of political, militant and associative movements such as Kukiz'15, the NGO Wolne Konopie (Free Cannabis Association) and the Coalition of Medical Marijuana, which consists of bringing together doctors, lawyers, patients etc. .

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Sejm, medical cannabis, Poland
Janusz Palikot of Free Cannabis Association, the enfant terrible of politicians

Thing made, the 22 June, 440 MPs voted yes to medical cannabis, two were against and one person abstained ...

“This is a surprising, but very good decision by the current government. Due to this, many patients will be able to continue to use medicines containing medical cannabis. And without incurring massive costs, ”comments neurologist Marek Bachanski. This doctor who, in October 2015, lost his job for using medical marijuana to treat children with epilepsy ...

The draft amendment to the Drug Abuse Act was originally prepared by Club Kukiz'15. This right-wing opposition movement is not registered as a party, but as an association.

Sejm, medical cannabis, Poland
The punk rocker Pawel Kukiz

Club Kukiz'15 is led by punk rocker Pawel Kukiz. His draft law would have allowed patients, or their legal guardians, to grow hemp for their own therapeutic use. But it will be quite different ...

Last minute modification ...

However, the project has been modified and the final law only allows pharmacies to produce and sell cannabis to patients who have a medical prescription. The crude substance will be imported from abroad.

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Sejm, medical cannabis, Poland
Poland will not produce cannabis

The Civic Platform, another party, has already announced that it will propose amendments to the bill when it is discussed and passed by the Senate. However, they argue that Poland should produce its own cannabis instead of importing it from abroad.

Sejm, medical cannabis, Poland
Parliament and former rapper Pawel Kukiz

Peter Liroy-Marzec, a popular rapper and currently independent MP in the Sejm, was one of the main architects of this new legislation. By creating a legal cannabis industry, Poland would move closer to energy independence and generate new budget revenues.

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