Update on the new salivary test in France

update on the new saliva test in france 5

A new saliva test "without prior cause" against cannabis and drugs at the wheel, arrives in France

New saliva tests land against drug driving. So-called saliva tests without "prior cause" ... That is to say that the law has changed the conditions for drug testing at the wheel. Saliva tests may be required, even in the absence of an offense… These new tests are faster than the previous ones. And the unusual convictions too ...

Simplified analysis of drugs while driving

A positive drug test (on the side of the road) had to be confirmed by a blood test. Now, in the event of positive results, the police forces will be able to take a second saliva sample… Then, they will send it to a toxicological analysis laboratory.

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This second saliva analysis will make it possible to definitively determine whether there are traces of narcotics or not. This novelty is intended to simplify police procedures. And in another register, it will prevent the driver from going to the hospital for a blood sample ...

An accelerated procedure

These “new generation” kits aim to increase the number of controls on drugs. But also to speed up legal proceedings. These new tests, faster than the previous ones, will be Le Parisiensent " in the coming weeks, at police stations and gendarmerie brigades. Law enforcement should be able to detect within minutes whether a driver has consumed cannabis, cocaine, opiates, ecstasy or amphetamines. While these last tests were only in number of 100.000 per year against 11 million for blood alcohol tests per year, it seems obvious that the new generation is here to increase the number of offenses.

drug driving, France, saliva test, Cannabis, saliva tests

As a reminder, for a positive drug control, a motorist risks two years in prison, a withdrawal of six points from the driving license and a fine of up to 4.500 euros. The Macron Laws should relax this, but only through the introduction of tickets. We still don't know that it will be the app for cannabis and driving (probably negative), but for drugs and alcohol this will remain unchanged.

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Without "prior cause"

In addition, even in the absence of an offense, drivers may be subjected to saliva testing for narcotics. " Police forces can carry out these tests even if there is no traffic accident, offense, or reasonable suspicion of drug use. »

drug driving, France, saliva test, Cannabis, saliva tests
Even in case of good behavior ...

Thus, the police will no longer need a "cause" to test drivers. And if you are a Sunday smoker, or a very reasonable person, you will fail ...


Mentalities are changing in France… For example, on the morning of July 19, 2017, a driving school instructor took her student to the Couëron gendarmerie for a lesson. Indeed, according to West France, the latter does not mark any stop and enters a prohibited direction after refusing the right of way to two pedestrians. A behavior that does not fail to arouse the suspicions of the instructor who accompanies it ...

drug driving, France, saliva test, Cannabis, saliva tests
An instructor working for the Police ...

Startled by the behavior of her pupil, she imposed a new itinerary on him: towards the Couëron gendarmerie near Nantes. So the gendarmes proceed to screening ... The young driver is forced to confess "have used cannabis in the past night and have slept little ". This young driver shouldn't get back behind the wheel of a car for a little while ...

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Strangely, we still have nothing concrete about the millions of motorists who drive under the influence of benzodiazepines and anti-depressants… Moreover, the machine distinguishes perfectly the difference between methadone, morphine and heroin… Knowing that a large dose of methadone can be quite restrictive while driving ...

drug driving, France, saliva test, Cannabis, saliva tests

Cherry on the cake, cannabis, so light compared to hard drugs, will be part of the top screening for our dear French police officers… Even in infinitesimal doses, and this is our problem since cannabis leaves non-active traces in the body for weeks ...

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