Peru: agreement will provide free medical cannabis to low-income patients

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Improving the quality of life of the Peruvian population thanks to medical marijuana

In Peru, Cannahope Medical Center and QF Farmacia Magistral signed an agreement to facilitate access to medical cannabis for low-income patients.

According to the Peruvian Center for Cannabis Studies, medical marijuana could help up to 7 million people in the country. However, the availability of medical marijuana oil in Peru is very limited due to the limited supply and the high cost.

This is why Cannahope and QF Farmacia Magistral have decided to offer 10 free consultations per month to low-income patients. In addition, cannabis oil will be provided to them free of charge, which will save them around 300 soles per month and 3500 soles per year (around 65 to 700 euros).

Speaking to Perú 21, Max Alzamora, endocannabinoid medicine specialist and co-founder of Cannahope, explained: “The United Nations and various studies have recognized that the medicinal properties of cannabis can reduce the Chronic Pain up to 50% in patients who consume it. The more than 1 patients we have treated at Cannahope are proof of that ”.

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At the same time, the specialist said that 70% of patients who attended the medical center were able to alleviate one or more of the symptoms that plagued them.

For his part, Wilson Ccarhuaypiña, Pharmacy Project Manager, said: “We are proud to be able to improve the quality of life of dozens of patients who need cannabis and cannot afford it. For each of them, as well as for all our customers, we will offer them personalized pharmaceutical care and quality medicines, so that they can feel relieved.

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