Pepsi factory transformed into massive marijuana grow

An old Pepsi factory that has been vacant for a decade is reincarnated as a massive marijuana crop

Dean Elements, a holding company that leases real estate to legal cannabis companies, has purchased a former Pepsi bottling plant in Pueblo County. By the end of 2019, the facility could produce up to 33 tonnes of marijuana per year.

factory, mass culture, Pepsi

The marijuana industry could save the area from further devastation.

For many years, the 104 square foot plant at South Freeway was used for the bottling of Pepsi products. But the soda company - like the steel industry - left Pueblo County. Pueblo, once was an economic center. But this nerve center struggled to recover from the steel market slump of 000. Its unemployment rate at 1982% ranks among the highest in Colorado.

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factory, mass culture, Pepsi

Since the first dispensary opened in Pueblo County in 2014, cultivation facilities, infused product makers and more than 100 retailers have created more than 1 jobs in the industry. In 300, more than a third of construction projects were related to marijuana.

factory, mass culture, Pepsi

According to a recent report in Forbes, a subsidiary of Dean Elements acquired the property in 2015. She plans to double the production space and create one of the most sophisticated productions in Colorado. By the end of 2019, the facility could produce up to 33 tons of cannabis flowers per year. These quantities could generate about 20 million annual sales of marijuana.

High Tech configuration

Pepsi used an air filtration system and this same technology can be used to inject CO2 into growth rooms. This will allow a higher yield of up to 30%. Dean Elements is also planning to team up with a robotics company to integrate robots capable of uprooting clones and cuttings used for breeding cannabis.

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factory, mass culture, Pepsi

Marijuana has full legal status in Colorado, but it remains a federally regulated substance. Dean Elements wants to capitalize on the growing market without dealing directly with the Schedule I drug. The company is hoping to go public fairly quickly.

“We like to say that we can do anything for [legal cannabis operators] except me physically and cutting plants,” Thompson told Business Insider.

New opportunities for cannabis are welcome in Pueblo County, which went bankrupt. Once the Pepsi production plant is in operation, it will create about 160 jobs.

factory, mass culture, Pepsi

The economic recovery is underway. County officials say the industry generates nearly 4 million annual tax revenue. In this regard, Thompson said the project has received all signatures of approval, and over 100% of the expected quota.

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