Cannabis oil, the success of "Saving Sophie"

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 The story of Sophie Ryan & "her" eponymous association "Saving Sophie"

CannaKids is a collective that helps families of children with cancer access medical cannabis and guide them through the process. Cannakids introduces us to her spearhead, a young girl called Sophie. At 8 months, Sophie was diagnosed with a brain tumor (low grade glioma type tumor). Tracy and her husband Josh, initially proposed that her only option would be a 13-month protocol of chemotherapy. This in the hope of stopping the development of the tumor. After 13 months of chemotherapy and especially high doses of cannabis oil (THC & CBD), Sophie's brain tumor has almost disappeared. Rich in its success, an organization called “Saving Sophie” was born; summary of the story :

Optic & hypothalamic gliomas


Optic and hypothalamic gliomas are usually slow growing tumors. In Sophie's case, it is optic gliomas, located along the nerves involved in sight.

Tumor of the optic nerve (in good healing way)

This region plays a role in the growth of sexual development, sleep patterns, regulation of body temperature. But also in the water balance, appetite, sugar levels in the blood and the breakdown of fat in food (fat metabolism). These tumors are low grade types of gliomas. But unlike other gliomas of this type, optic and hypothalamic gliomas cannot be removed by surgery. This is because of the irreversible damage that surgery would cause.


For Sophie, it took a 13-month treatment with THC and CBD oil. Today, his massive cyst that had formed disappeared (90% !!). For the “Saving Sophie” association born from this success:

“She (Sophie) is the face of health and success when it comes to using natural approaches alongside Western medicine. "

"Saving Sophie"

Sophie's mother has been fighting for the legalization of cannabis for some time. She is one of those who want effective reform in the world of medical cannabis. His interest is that of his daughter. And despite the obstacles, nothing marred his dynamism and his passion. Nor the harshness of the speeches that marred the (cannabis) plant so that it can help her child.

Sophie & her parents

Last month at the Cannabis Science Conference, she appeared with her daughter totally saved, thanks to cannabis and today, rich in her success, she is determined to save thousands of lives. Saving Sophie is now a non-profit organization with the objective of raising funds to financially help pediatric patients who suffer from serious illnesses, as well as their accompanying families.

The Cannabis Science Conference (Sophie and her mom at the center)

"Sophie is the face of this company, and I'm taking her out of town to as many speeches as I have, as many as possible!" I can't wait until the day I can bring her on stage to speak alongside her so that she can tell her own story of survival. "

These families can use these funds to cover their medical expenses. But also their rent, their gas consumption and groceries. Finally, everything that is deemed necessary to provide for the needs of their child and their family.


Tracy is thrilled to achieve this non-profit status with her organization, and points out to us:

“As a parent with cancer, I know what it's like to lose almost everything. This is because of having a sick child and no money. If we can help families feel this helplessness, how successful we will be! "

The authors of the site will soon add two more sections in their “cannabis studies” category: autism and epilepsy. In addition, their goal is clear, to educate and defend even more serious diseases in the future.


Sophie's story demonstrates what exactly and why we need to continue and deepen medical cannabis research. So, and consequently, the "vital" necessity of this substance!

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