CBD oil for the hyperactive child

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What CBD Oil Is The Alternative Solution For Your Child With Hyperactivity (or ADHD)

The controversy surrounding cannabis exists for medical purposes, especially in children. How can cannabis help my child? This question is open to many reactions ... But in the case of ADHD, it is important to examine the current evidence as well as alternative solutions for these children suffering from hyperactivity. As we know, CBD differs from THC, and therefore the child will not experience the "High" that is so significant in cannabis. Additionally, CBD oil is proven to work on children with chronic illnesses and epilepsy. Logically, CBD oil could therefore replace certain and dangerous prescriptions in the case of hyperactivity in children. And that's the case !

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Proof of the effectiveness of CBD oil

An incredible study conducted in Israel observed 72 patients in five different pediatric clinics. These young people suffered from insoluble epilepsy. Young children, as well as children and adolescents have experienced resistance to 7 anti-convulsant drugs. In addition, no success with special diets or vagal nerve stimulation has been seen. As you can imagine, if your little one was in this situation, you would try just about anything….

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child, hyperactivity, ADHD, CBD

So patients started taking CBD oil. The promising effects quickly appeared, and 89% who received CBD oil experienced a reduction in seizures! With this type of success, it seems obvious that CBD oil can have other benefits.


CBD oil is ideal for the treatment of hyperactivity. But as an alternative solution, it replaces one type of drug: antipsychotics. Of scary evidence demonstrate that this type of medicine is very dangerous. Antispychotics appear to reverse growth curves in children and adolescents. Prescription antipsychotic medications have fairly well-known side effects in adults, and not least in children:

  • Weight gain
  • Drowsiness
  • hyperglycemia
  • hyperlipidemia
  • hyperprolactinemia
  • Diabetes
  • Uncontrolled salivation

In addition, there is an increase in the use of antipsychotics in young children, at preschool age! In this article we have been told of an increase in antipsychotic intake in children under 6 years old. The increase has doubled to 5x over the years ... Almost 80% of young children receiving an antipsychotic receive other psychotropic drugs in addition ...

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child, hyperactivity, ADHD, CBD

In view of these concerns, the pharmaceutical industry carefully avoids facing this situation. In the United States, these children suffering from hyperactivity are sometimes given an even more disturbing treatment. These prescriptions are on the authorized list for children under 3 ...:

  • Adderall (dextroamphetamine / amphetamine)
  • Dexedrine (dextroanphetamine)
  • Dextrostat (dextroanphetamine)
  • ProCentra oral solution (dextroamphetamine)

And what do these drugs have in common? It's simple, all of these prescriptions are amphetamines… So before people criticize CBD Oil, look at the facts.

CBD for toddlers

Un rapport suggests that people with symptomatic dysfunction in activity levels, may, in some cases, benefit from cannabis treatment. Because it appears to regulate activation to a level that can be considered optimal for performance. Therefore, cannabis can help eliminate problematic symptoms associated with ADHD.

child, hyperactivity, ADHD, CBD

With the growing evidence for the success of using CBD oil, it can be said that this alternative treatment and no side effects could be a viable option for your toddler.

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