Morocco moves towards legalization for medical purposes

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Cradle of Hash, Advances Medical Cannabis Bill

The Moroccan government has approved a law project that would legalize medical cannabis, which is now submitted to the Moroccan parliament for final approval. Meeting on March 1 in Rabat, Morocco, the government cabinet approved a bill 21-13 aimed at legalizing medical cannabis in the country.

Yahoo! News reports that for the first time, Morocco, which is one of the world's leading producers of illicit cannabis and hashish , can finally start to regulate part of cannabis production, if the bill is approved. Cannabis is one of the country's most controversial political issues - which is 98,7% Muslim .

The bill was drafted and submitted by the Interior Ministry, after being twice postponed by the government council. The bill was seen as controversial within the Justice and Development Party (PJD), which seized power over the executive branch of government in Morocco in 2011. Head of government and PJD secretary general Saadeddine El Othmani visited Abdelilah Benkirane recently, one of the first party members who were adamantly against the bill.

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PJD member Slimane El Amrani confirmed this meeting to Yabiladi on March 11, adding that El Othmani had visited Abdelilah Benkirane at his home in Rabat. "I have not yet met the Secretary General to find out what was discussed during this visit," he said. declared . “But we did not discuss the content of the bill. The former PJD secretary general added that his position on the bill has not changed and will not change.

In Morocco, cannabis is usually made into hashish - commonly called "kif" - and is distributed throughout Europe, including the UK and Amsterdam. It is only now, after decades and decades of cannabis and hashish production, that the government is taking action to license and regulate cannabis producers.

Moroccan leaders remain strongly divided on the issue of cannabis, especially members of the PJD and the Lamp party. If the bill is approved by Parliament, it will be enshrined in law.

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