Morocco approves creation of medical cannabis industry

The Government Council adopts the draft decree on the legal use of cannabis

The government council, which met on Monday under the chairmanship of the head of government Saad Edine Otmani, adopted draft decree n ° 2.21.642 implementing articles 32 and 35 of law n ° 13.21 on use legal cannabis.

A press release publié at the end of the Council, which was held by videoconference, indicates that after the adoption of the aforementioned law and its publication in the official bulletin (NO 7006, of July 22, 2021) legalizing the various activities related to cannabis, the He National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis-Related Activities was created in accordance with this law, in particular article 31.

In this context, and in application of articles 32 and 35 of law 13.21, the draft decree, in its first article, specifically designates the party responsible for supervising the agency, namely the Ministry of the Interior, while taking in consideration of the powers and responsibilities applied to public establishments.

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The Cabinet, made up of the main ministers of the Moroccan government, approved the new decree, in a big step forward towards legalization

Cabinet approval of draft decree complements legislation the Moroccan parliament has passed earlier this year. Over the summer, Morocco enacted Law 13.21, reclassifying cannabis as a legal substance under Moroccan law.

A law was also recently passed to create the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis. According to government statements, the new agency will come under the jurisdiction of the Moroccan Interior Ministry. The text also determines, in its article 2, the composition of the agency where the various departments and divisions concerned will be represented.

So far, the new legislation only allows the use of cannabis for medicinal or industrial purposes. This means that, for now, recreational consumption of the culture will always remain illegal in the country.

Cannabis has a long history in Moroccan society. With a illegal trade Estimated at at least $ 15 billion, legalizing the cannabis industry is expected to provide the government with a new source of tax revenue, in addition to weakening the influence of transnational drug smuggling operations operating in the country. However, with Morocco's worldwide reputation for producing some of the products of highest quality hashishIt remains to be seen how long the government will be able to resist the call for full legalization.

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