Monsanto, the end of an urban legend

Monsanto, the end of an urban legend

Monsanto, the end of an urban legend - The urban legend for the past 6 years has been that Monsanto is paying Seeders and Growers to undertake legalization around their roots.

A headless intrigue, which would establish Monsanto and its hypothetical GMO Marijuana as the worldwide dictate of weed “for all”… The Web Conspiracy and the politicians were not shy to see it as a restriction in the legalization of marijuana. All in all this is highly permissive and false !!

Statutes of Rumor

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is a genotype created by the engineering of DNA, as opposed to the selection of seeds and selective breeding which is the common one developed by the largest seeders in the world ... The first time or we saw The theory that Monsanto wanted the weed monopoly appeared in 2010, when California was legalized. Yet at the time everything was demystified by H and Snopes Urban Legend… Today it's Leaf Online's turn to put an end to these smoky theories of a globalized GMO beer…


Monsanto themselves treats that the frenzy around a GMO marijuana from their factory is a contradictory allegation from the web… Currently they are not able to create a so-called GMO herb, but the mood arranged them in a way…


The basis for the rumor comes from the article in "", a patchwork article that limits information in a thin veil of speculation. Monsanto has never written a line on a possible legalization of Marijuana… The motive of a genetically modified cannabis plant has been studied only for Uruguay, and yet nothing has been formalized, hence the Bad Joke ...


"GMO marijuana was originally conceived of as a joke, a harmless novelty that unexpectedly went viral"

George Soros

The internet community claims that the originator of GMO marijuana is George Soros; who would have "secretly" conspired for decades with Monsanto to destroy Medical Marijuana ...

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The facts prove the contrary, Soros is one of the investors who would have helped to decriminalize marijuana in California in 1996 ... So if this hapless investor tries to undermine medical marijuana, he would like who would say "shot his foot" . Logically he would have made it so that people could only buy medical marijuana "made by Monsanto", which is absolutely not the case ... Any connoisseur of Cannabis knows very well where the strains used in the cannabis come from. in the medical community, this claim is totally wrong.


Soros has no interest in entering the marijuana business; except for of which he is part of the business plan as a simple investor… He has never financed the independent cannabuisness which is currently flooding the market nor invested in “global” advertising around medical marijuana.

The "" application 

Secondary plot

What would be the link between Uruguay and Monsanto, given that the single focal point concerns them? When marijuana was legalized by Pepe Mujica, a Monsanto consultant pointed out that a naturally occurring genetic marker would distinguish industrial (and low THC) hemp from actual marijuana whose THC content is naturally known ... It's not about GMOs, and like human genetics, marijuana is predisposed to assert itself in one way or another.

Pepe Mujica & G. Soros

“Skunkman” (David Watson) and Robert Connell Clarke rushed to release the information as a hoax. They who had spent decades in the interbreeding of cannabis, they were against the fact that pharmaceutical companies like GW Pharmaceuticals develop cannabis-based medicines. Again he is not connected to Monsanto.

Robert Connell Clarke

Monsanto unfit for cannabis

Another paradox to note is that Monsanto is very ill-suited in cases involving Marijuana, considering that cases involving marijuana are totally illegal under the federal law that they support. The activity is targeted as illegal, and the Monsanto industry, even if global, could see its enormous turnover collapse if ever they were in favor of a Cannabis "for all" ...

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GW Pharmaceuticals

Companies that have invested heavily in Monsanto do not hold this perspective.

The Prop 64 initiative

Such an initiative frees people from jail, clears their criminal records and helps newcomers to the recreational (or medical) hemp industry fund youth protection programs. It invites companies to produce massively to limit the criminalization of consumers, thus reducing the underground culture well known to cannabis users.

Feature 4

The Prop 64 initiative distributes special licenses for micro-businesses, and any cannabis enthusiast; directly it protects the rights of all medical marijuana users and allows people to share weed with their friends… Nothing that benefits Monsanto, again…

Weed GMO does not exist

And to finish, more simply it should be said that the GMO beer does not exist !!! Which doesn't leave much room for a globalist conspiracy… Monsanto is one of the most hated companies in this world, rightly or wrongly this doesn't concern us ^^ People's emotional respondent is understandable, but all in all Logically there is no “Reptilian” plot on Weed, because the gmb is a proven Hoax!


The hoax is easy to verify with the seeders and growers of which we are part, the fact that there is a semi-licit weed has nothing to do with a possible work of undermining of Monsanto… Cannabis is harshly controlled by the professionals of Health, and by experts in the field.


Do not be distracted by this absurdity of Monsanto; and if you live in California, vote in favor of Proposition 64 !! The only chance to legalize Marijuana and totally for Adult Use. Do not be fooled!

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