Unauthorized Marijuana at Burning Man

Contrary to popular belief, the Mythical Festival of the Year does not authorize or solicit the consumption of Marijuana

Burning Man began in 1986 on a beach in San Francisco, USA, as a spontaneous gathering of people ready to burn a gigantic statue on a beach in the name of expressing their uniqueness. Since 1990, the Burning Man festival has been held every year, at the end of August, in the Black Rocks desert, in Nevada where the law against marijuana still remains in force ...

The "Radical" Laws of Burning Man

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It's hard to describe the Burning Man. At the same time an avant-garde festival, an ephemeral city for hippies, a libertarian and technological utopia, a giant rave and an open-air artist's workshop ... 30 years that the public has found an interest in coming to live in autarky in the desert, for a period of up to a week. Neither sandstorms (dust), nor the scarcity of showers and toilets come after the Actors of the festival (no spectators, all actors).

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The laws of the Burning man have been established since 2004, the first of which being that money is prohibited on the spot, everything is based on barter and donation. Anyone can participate in Burning Man, in theory… In reality the ticket now costs the modest sum of 400 dollars, without counting the price of the trip to San Francisco and the equipment to rent so as not to waste away in the desert , or by lack of hygiene (truck, living, water, camp).

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The secret of Burning Man is life in community. You have to meet people, or even join a community like the French Burners or whatever.

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But, victim of its own success, Burning Man is not exempt from faults concerning the use and possession of Marijuana ... Even if everyone on site is encouraged to express their uniqueness, their spirit of openness, the festival would have become too bourgeois and no longer truly protesting… In the midst of the Green wave, Burning Man is doing its job and completely submitting to the law in force, the sustainability of the Festival depends on it.

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Openness but not total

Burning Man is a very guarded place. The FBI has been infiltrating the festival for several years, in particular to arrest traffickers of all kinds. Be careful, therefore, to respect the law ...

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In Black Rock City, many distinctions between what is private and what is public tend to disappear. However, all local, state, and federal laws apply; possession of any drug is illegal (including cannabis), with the intention of distributing this becomes a most serious offense. Giving one of these substances to someone else could be considered drug trafficking.

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Unless the user uses prescription drugs; and in this case only they will have to be confined with the aforesaid prescription… But the federal government does not recognize medical access cards to marijuana. Possession of marijuana is a federal offense in the Black Rock Desert, the medical cannabis card will not be considered a defense ...

Rangers massively present at Burning Man

As of 2013, Nevada law has permitted the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries within the state. Resident and non-resident cardholders must respect the limits of Nevada concerning possession and restrictions on consumption on public roads. Transporting marijuana across state highways is a federal crime.

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The Burning Man organization completely offloads the incidents, and offenses alleged to be committed, relating to Marijuana. They invite in their "warning" any user to refer to his own lawyer ... The organizers have promised to keep a Hotline, a Newsletter for any new information on the subject. The Burning Man Festival reserves the right to all expulsions and warns Festival-goers of possible prosecutions or convictions of the Force of the Order on site.

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"We Have a Dream" ...

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Despite the cannabis restrictions, some come with an Iroquois crest and are austere bankers in San Francisco; the bosses of Amazon or Google are recognized as "burners" long-standing. Some hotels charge $ 10 to be accommodated in luxury conditions, making themselves these same “burners” out of sight… The laws are not applicable to everyone; it all depends on the comfort and discretion of the Festival-goers; even if drug use is widely requested within the Festival itself ...

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The Festival's Billionaire Burners - New York Times

In 2007, John Law is suing the other two founders of the festival. For the latter, in fact, Burning Man, its logo and the brand, should not belong to Larry Harvey and the company Black Rock City (which makes several million profits per year, generally reinvested in the festival). They should be in the public domain and belong to everyone. He will not succeed ... For some "burners", overseeing Burning Man would amount to making him lose his carnival soul ...

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