Maltese Prime Minister unveils country's legalization plan

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Malta legalization plan released: legal cannabis stores and up to 4 home plants

The Maltese government's official plan to regulate a legal cannabis market in the country has been unveiled for the first time. The times of malta published, a month and a half after Prime Minister Robert Abela's message on the plan to cancel criminalization cannabis users and the legalization of recreational use for adults. According to the plan, dedicated cannabis stores will be developed, cultivation and self-use will be legal, and criminal records will be removed from the past.

Cannabis users will be allowed to grow their own plants under the proposed reform

Cannabis users will be allowed to grow their own plants at home and legally transport up to 7 grams of the drug for personal use, as part of a reform proposal unveiled by the government on Tuesday. The proposals, which are to be open for public consultation, also open the door to creating a legalized market for cannabis flowers and seeds, with Prime Minister Robert Abela saying the government would listen to proposals on how the drug could be sold legally.

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Prime Minister Robert Abela has said he wants the white paper serves as a “model” that other countries seeking to legislate for responsible cannabis use could emulate.

According to the draft proposal, presented today by Prime Minister Abla at a special event broadcast live on Facebook, Maltese citizens will be allowed to grow up to 4 cannabis plants in their homes, provided the plants are grown in an enclosed space that is not visible to the public and only residents can use them. In other words, selling cannabis afterwards without a proper permit will be considered a violation of the law.

Possession of cannabis for personal use weighing up to 7 grams will not be considered an offense at all, while possession of 7 to 28 grams will be considered an offense, but only administrative, i.e. not a criminal offense. Such an offense would be punishable by a fine of 50 to 100 €, but no arrest, indictment and criminal record.

The purchase of cannabis and cannabis seeds will be legal at designated designated stores that hold the required permit and licenses. Prime Minister Abla clarified that the issue of cannabis use in the business sphere itself, such as in cafes or membership clubs, will be further explored and he will be attentive to the voices of the public at this subject.

Smoking cannabis in public will be prohibited and anyone caught breaking the law will be liable to a fine of € 233. In addition, cannabis users who have been arrested in the past and arrested for a drug use offense will be able to delete the section of the police record and their criminal record will be erased.

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To oversee the complex process of market regulation, a new designated government authority will be established in Malta to have confidence in formulating precise procedures and in monitoring and overseeing the effects of policy changes on the population.

As you may recall, the decision to promote a legalization plan follows an exceptional case in the country in which two teenagers were arrested by police and taken for questioning after a co-smoker was surprised in a hotel room on New Year's Eve. The arrest sparked outrage from the public, including from government ministers who called for regulation of police efforts to enforce other offenses.

Over the next 6 weeks there will be a legalization proposal for Maltese public comment

In summary, the Maltese government is proposing:

  1. Possession of up to 7 grams of cannabis for personal use will be completely legal.
  2. Possession between 7 grams and 28 grams for personal use will be punishable by a fine in a drug court.
  3. Personal possession of cannabis will no longer be an arrestable offense and anyone arrested with such amounts will not be questioned by police.
  4. Individuals can grow up to four cannabis plants for personal use in the home, provided the plants cannot be seen outside their home.
  5. Anyone with a criminal record for simple possession of cannabis will have their record erased.
  6. The consumption of cannabis will be prohibited in public spaces, against a fine of 233 €.
  7. Create a legal way for users to buy cannabis buds and seeds.

Ahead of the 2017 general election, the Labor Party said that if re-elected, he would throw the ball for a national discussion on the legalization of cannabis.

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