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Malawi Gold, the exceptional African woman

malawi gold the african exception 6

Malawi Gold, the African of exception - A pure African Landrace, which received the Gold designation

Malawi Gold is a pure sativa strain that grows naturally in the African country of Malawi. It is one of Africa's most psychoactive sativa strains. As a pure Sativa, Malawi takes a long time to mature, but the results are impressive. The strain received the designation Gold (Gold) because currently Malawi is rare like gold.

Malawi Gold Global Success

Cannabis is a central part of Malawian culture and lifestyle. One of Africa's finest sativa strains, commonly referred to as 'chamba', is found here, and the small but significant local tourism sector has seen strong growth thanks to cannabis enthusiasts who come here to experience the harvest.

Malawi Gold, the exceptional African woman
Lake Malawi, the tourist spot in Malawi ...

The Green House Seed Company is a group of individuals who research rare marijuana seeds for commercial purposes; the “Strain Hunters” where they visit different countries looking for rare cannabis seeds.

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On their YouTube channel regarding the Malawi episode; the team of "hunters" spent 6 to 7 hours with the inhabitants, who amused themselves by deceiving them. They found nothing the first day, and left on an expedition the next day ... The field they found was much smaller than what the inhabitants had announced. Today according to the World Bank, Malawi Gold is internationally recognized as one of the pure Sativa strains of Africa.

Malawi Gold, the exceptional African woman
Rural School in Malawi

Malawi is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, around 80% of Malawi's population is rural, and a large share of the crop is destined for the export trade - the main legal crops being tobacco , sugar cane, cotton and tea. Malawi Gold has caused a tourist surge in Malawi, and other African countries that have access to the strain. Malawi Gold is one of the country's top three exports, although it is done illegally and unofficially

An exceptional Landrace

Malawi Gold is a pure and highly psychoactive sativa strain. It is a "Land Race" which means that it is completely inbred. When strains of marijuana are inbred, the characteristics of a strain are more consistent.

Malawi Gold, the exceptional African woman

Malawi has a strong spicy taste and smell, it smells like fruit. Regarding the taste, the Malawian strain has been described as sweet, with a hint of pineapple. The buds are long, dense and very resinous.

Malawi Gold, the exceptional African woman
Malawian Gold

Cannabis can be cultivated in Africa virtually anywhere, from the humid and warm plains of the Great Rift Valley (site of beautiful and vast Lake Malawi) to the more temperate mountainous regions that surround it. Malawi is perfect to be cultivated outdoors with minimal resources, as long as you show patience ... Indeed we recommend some 130 days for growth and flowering time of pure sativa ranging from 11 to 14 weeks ...

Malawi Gold, the exceptional African woman
malawi lake

There are many myths and legends about cannabis and its use in Malawi. One of the most common anecdotes is an ironic allusion to tourists who, having visited Malawi, tasted the Gold and then lost all desire to return to their country.

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