The main region of wine and grass in devastated America


 Forest fires in America have devastated the main region of wine and cannabis cultivation in Northern California

Fires in northern California's wine country have killed at least 15 people and left dozens missing and thousands lost their homes. The forest fires have also seriously injured the homonymous wine industry of the region, as well as its emerging cousin, cannabis… The damage is considerable, California has just lost part of its greatest wealth…

wine, California, America, forest fires

From the vineyard, to cannabis ...

By midweek, more than 2 structures had been set on fire. Including entire neighborhoods in Santa Rosa, a city of 000 people located about an hour north of San Francisco. Tens of thousands of people were evacuated as smoke filled the skies all the way to San José ...

wine, California, America, forest fires
A desolate landscape, but some roots survive ...

The vineyards along the Silverado Trail in Napa County and the Highway 12 corridor between Santa Rosa and Sonoma in Sonoma County have been destroyed. Wine towns like Kenwood and Glen Ellen have been hit hard. Major tourist hotels like the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country and the Fountaingrove Inn in Santa Rosa have burned down. The Silverado Trail vineyard, Signorello Estates, appears to have been destroyed. Likewise, the vineyards of Sonoma County including Chateau St. Jean, Kenwood, Kunde and BR Cohn…

“It looks like a bombardment. Winemaker Joe Nielsen told the San Francisco Chronicle as he looked at what was left of the Donelan Family Wines. “Just fireplaces and burnt cars and baked trees. "

The devastation will have an impact not only on tourism, but on the price of some beautiful reds. While 75% of the grapes in the region have already been picked, the premium Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are mostly destroyed. The number of vineyards burned could cause shortages (grape) for years. California produces approximately 85% of American wine. The counties of Napa and Sonoma produce most of its premium wines.

wine, California, America, forest fires
The fire destroyed the Signorello estate

A Mediterranean climate ...

The same Mediterranean climate makes the area so suitable for viticulture makes it ideal for growing cannabis. The estimated number of 3 000 to 9 000 Marijuana Producers just in Sonoma County. While damage reports for the wine industry will take some time, the cannabis industry already reports losses about tens of millions of dollars...

wine, California, America, forest fires
Intensity of the devastating fire on a cannabis farm ...

The marijuana harvest begins a little later than the harvest, and when the fires started, several thousand outdoor plants were still in the ground. Now some of those fields are little more than ashes ... Including in neighboring Mendocino County, where the Redwood Valley fire is also burning potted crops.

This is the worst year ever for California growers, ”the director of the California Growers Association said on Tuesday. Adding that at least two dozen of its members had lost their farms. “It's going to leave us with a deep scar,” he said.

Sonoma County Growers Alliance President Tawnie Logan reported significant losses among its members.

"We have a lot of people who have lost their farms over the last 36 hours and their homes," she said, citing a greenhouse culture of 2 million which went up in smoke on Sunday night. “There is no way for them to recover the millions of anticipated income. "

Affected clinics

wine, California, America, forest fires
Excessive drying ...

The San Francisco dispensary, SPARC, has reported that he has suffered "quite extensive damage" at his farm in Glen Ellen. But, he was preparing on Tuesday to try to save part of his harvest. The Sonoma County Cannabis Company has also been hit hard. The company is working frantically to avoid a total erasure of its culture.

“There are no words right now to describe the loss, grief and trauma that our home and our beloved community is going through,” the company said on its Instagram account. “We are trying to save what we can. "

Although the losses could put the brakes on the industry, consumers are unlikely to notice any impact. The state is already growing so much marijuana that downward pressures are already keeping prices low ... And even the losses in this week's fires aren't going to shake the market.

wine, California, America, forest fires
What remains of the SPARC culture ...

But unlike the wine industry, marijuana growers are unlikely to be able to get insurance. This even to replace lost crops and facilities, especially farms. Producers who have suffered losses will feel the pain for quite a while ...

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