Luxembourg facing the European paradox could inspire France


Luxembourg, the Grand Duchy of Europe, authorizes over two years a pilot device allowing the medical use of therapeutic cannabis

Luxembourg, the administrative dean of Europe, has taken a step towards the medical legalization of cannabis. But only for 2 years… In practice, the consumption of therapeutic cannabis will be very limited. It will be found after the selection of the patient, within the framework of the treatment of severe pathologies such as multiple sclerosis and cancer. In addition, Luxembourg is no stranger when it comes to cannabis. There is already some legislation that could inspire countries like France. 

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Cannabis from Luxembourg and European standards

In 2016 :, in a question to parliament, MP Martine Hansen was concerned about the sale of products containing THC and CBD. The Minister of Health, Lydia Mutsch, confirmed their presence on the market and provided an update on the legislation in Luxembourg.

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CSV MP Martine Hansen

Over-the-counter cannabis products can be found only if their THC level is below the European standard (0.3%). Like herbal teas, drinks, oils or seeds and flour etc.

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Energy drinks with cannabis (hemp) authorized in Luxembourg

Varieties of hemp with a THC content of less than 0,3% are not considered as narcotics. These varieties are intended only for commercial use, and for non-intoxicating purposes… But it is only this year that Luxembourg legislates and not entirely on medical cannabis.

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A two-year pilot scheme

Regarding the medical use of cannabis, Luxembourg chose Tuesday, November 7 a pilot device over just two years. It will be set up to assess the value of medical cannabis to beneficiaries and doctors. Will be affected, patients with a serious disease or cancer ...

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The doubts of the Minister of Health, Lydia Mutsch ...

“We believe that the use of medical cannabis should be limited to certain specialists such as oncologists, neurologists and interns. »The minister said. “We don't want to distribute cannabis for therapeutic purposes but rather look to doctors to identify the possible beneficiaries of this product. »Lydia Mutsch clarified.

The latter will also discuss the reimbursement of cannabis for medical use with the Minister of Social Security. Because in their German neighbors, the acquisition of medical cannabis is reimbursable for the sickness funds. This could pose a problem in Luxembourg… Indeed, if we consider that this very small country of 590.000 inhabitants welcoming 177.000 cross-border workers, and that the laws of European countries are not the same - the pilot scheme may pose a problem ...

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We will have to wait 2 years to know if Medical Cannabis is viable in front of the European parliament… Luxembourg's position will be observed very closely…

Luxembourg will present by the end of the year the principles of laws on the sale of medicinal substances, of which cannabis is more or less a part (for two years). Then, the final draft should go to the chamber of parliament to undergo a series of debate ...

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The paradox in Europe

Europe, medical, Luxembourg

Luxembourg has already authorized cannabinoid-based medicines since 2012. The World Health Organization recently published a rapport in which we learn that 18% of young Luxembourgers aged 15 years have already tried to smoke cannabis at least once.

“The situation is complex, but even medicinal cannabis remains cannabis. »Underlined the national coordinator in charge of the drug dossier within the Ministry of Health, Dr Alain Origer. If someone is prescribed medicinal cannabis in Luxembourg and consumes this product abroad, he risks being subject to the narcotics law of his country. »Warned the doctor.

Namely that Germany has just legalized the use of medical cannabis. While in Belgium non-medical consumption is tolerated for personal use. Twelve European countries have made the choice of decriminalization or de-criminalization, just like Luxembourg (by tickets very often…). In addition, 21 countries of the European Union have made the choice of medical cannabis. In Spain, and the Netherlands, cannabis is legal (more or less) but strictly regulated. The France on the other hand, the consumption of cannabis is completely illegal. The presidential promises are waiting ... But it is as long as our territory adapts to the movement. Even if the standards in Luxembourg seem to be on hold for another two years ...

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