Luxembourg approves self-cultivation of up to 4 cannabis plants at home

Government council gives green light to cannabis law for personal use

Luxembourg is taking another step towards a law that will allow adults in the country to grow cannabis plants for their own use. The stated goal: to harm illegal trade. The new bill will allow adults to grow up to four cannabis plants at home, per household, to allow a limited amount for personal consumption.

The Ministry of Health confirmed this Friday that a "national production and sale chain will be established under state control", in the future law legalizing cannabis in the territory.

The Governing Council has approved the bill which will update the amended law of 19 February 1973 concerning the sale of medicinal substances and the fight against drug addiction. The bill will allow personal use of cannabis in the home, limiting it to the private sphere, while removing criminal penalties for using small amounts of the drug on the street, which will no longer be a criminal offence. On the other hand, consumption for drivers remains prohibited.

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Here are some details:

Culture : the population will be legally authorized to cultivate up to 4 cannabis plants indoors or outdoors if the plantation is not visible from the neighboring streets. For example, it will be possible to cultivate in your garden, on balconies, cellars or attics (and cupboards).

Usage : the production of personal cannabis can only be consumed at home, use in public remains prohibited. As far as minors are concerned, the use and culture remain prohibited.

Transportation and enjoyment : the consumption, possession and transport of a quantity of up to 3 g will no longer be the subject of legal proceedings, but will lead to a simple fine of 145 euros. The cannabis will be seized and destroyed. If the fine is not paid within two weeks, it will be increased to 300 euros, if the person still refuses to pay, the offender will then be cited in front of the police court and will risk having his ticket transferred to 500 euros.

convictions : the possession of more than 3 g will always be the subject of legal proceedings, the report drawn up will lead to the immediate appearance before a judge.

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Vehicle driving : zero tolerance will be the norm. Driving any means of transport under the influence of cannabis remains prohibited.

Currently, in Luxembourg, nearly 1741 patients use cannabis for treatment out of a total population of 650 inhabitants. Since the government in 2018. , began its process of legalization, many Luxembourgers thought that their country would be the first European country to do so, but the island of Malta, a territory even smaller than Luxembourg preceded it by about six months.

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