Ireland considers Medical cannabis

Ireland considers Medical cannabis

Irish Health Minister sensitized to therapeutic cannabis

UK recognized CBD oil as a drug, and during the same period the Scottish National Party has decriminalized medical marijuana with a huge "yes". It is now the turn of the nearest neighbor, Ireland, to officially consider a change in their law regarding medical marijuana. And especially in the care of epilepsy disorders.

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A minister looking for scientific proof

The Minister of Health of Ireland, Simon Harris said from his office he was examining a possible recourse in the country's politics to legalize medical marijuana. The minister clarified that the review is "not a discussion of the de-criminalization of cannabis."

The Minister added that he will try to obtain the maximum scientific expertise regarding cannabis-based health products. This is so that the country's regulatory authority (HPRA) can be aware of the "latest scientific and medical evidence".

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Simon Harris, Irish Minister of Health since May 6, 2016.

Harris highlights several countries around the world that are now enjoying better health thanks to medical cannabis. Including the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Malta and many US states.

Ava's contribution

Last July, a political party from the “Emerald Isle” (Ireland) called the People “Before Profit Alliance” introduced the “Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill”. Their efforts were supported because of the resident Vera Twomey. This mom was calling on the government to allow her 6-year-old daughter to use cannabis oil as a daily treatment. In addition, her daughter Ava had already tested this treatment and her seizures due to epilepsy virtually ceased when therapy began.

Vera and her daughter Ava

This uplifting story did not leave the government deaf, the minister himself recognizes in his comments the merits of therapeutic cannabis:

“I met him in June and I understand the very difficult situation of this family. I look forward to meeting Vera again in the next few days. "

Dramatic improvement in Ava

Aside from Sativex (as in France), the possession or use of cannabis for medical purposes by Irish citizens remains prohibited. Generally, any defense based on medical use before the courts is unsuccessful. Obviously, there is still a long way to go on the road to legalization. But the first leg of the trip has come to an end.

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Thus, Ireland has a great chance to legalize medical cannabis in the coming weeks, see next month.

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