Scotland votes yes to medical cannabis

Scotland votes yes to medical cannabis 7

Scotland votes yes to medical cannabis - Patient story that tipped the scales

Prime Minister Nicola Strurgeon and the Scottish National Party (SNP) delegates overwhelmingly voted to legalize medical cannabis in Scotland. Many patients suffering in particular from multiple sclerosis, can now relive after a fierce and incredible fight against the opposition. Medicinal cannabis is becoming a reality in Scotland.


Laura Brennan-Whitefield

Laura is in a way the ambassador of the "yes", this patient suffering from multiple sclerosis fought valiantly to make the country aware of the needs of many patients, victims of a lifetime, of a condition similar to his.

Scotland's position on marijuana was once catastrophic; many officials considered the plant to be useless in the face of painkillers, and yet Laura Brennan-Whitefield has never ceased to advocate for the importance of this natural remedy. Medical necessity aside, Laura stressed that it was extremely unfair to prosecute sick and degraded people by the severe methods of the country.

"We as a developed western nation are regressing"


Laura accused the government by considering "the most vulnerable people in society who have had the added misfortune of going through the DWP's inhuman assessment procedures for disability benefits" and who are subsequently registered as criminals. that they were trying to have a quality of life.

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The fierce opposition ridicules itself

The situation was intolerable for her, Laura proposed to legalize medical cannabis with the firm conviction that the population will stand by her side. Such a restructuring of the system confronted her with strong opposition, embodied by Councilor Renfrex and Audrey Doig. Opponents who have gone so far as to threaten the status of the patient himself, threatening to deprive him of care ...

The opposition in form, with Audrey Doig ...

The anti-cannabis propaganda was all the stronger, as the opposition proclaimed that they were dealing with uneducated people and that the cannabis plant was the ideal introduction to hard drugs… Audrey Doig went so far as to describe life of her cousin, whose brain "boils down" after having smoked a joint, and who has become a drug addict… She continued in front of the SNP assembly on a set of rather serious medical nonsense…

“There is an alternative to pain medication, and a lot of doctors basically prescribe fitness to get back in shape”… “Stop all those pain medications”… “Go on fitness regimens, it works for patients suffering from heart problems and angina pectoris »Dixit Audrey Doig

The First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP)

In the end, Doig was actually booed by the crowd before leaving the stage. His harsh remarks left many of the audience with suspicion, and sarcasm… Despite unconvincing arguments from the opposition, the SNP conference ultimately voted in favor of cannabis for patients with debilitating illnesses. Scottish patients will no longer have to fear criminal prosecution as soon as they use marijuana for treatment.

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