Florence Pharmaceutical and Military Manufacturing Plant Says 'Need More Medical Cannabis'

Florence military pharmacy will increase production to meet growing demand

After the words of the Minister of the Interior Salvini who withdraws the proposal to legalize and does not take into account the needs of an entire sector or the law, it is the turn of the Italian army, (only authorized center of Italy to produce) to place his right.

Since 2017, the sale of light cannabis with a THC concentration below 0,2% is legal in Italy. Hundreds of stores selling these products have since opened. Despite the attack on these businesses Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, military pharmaceutical factory says want to " Doubling production" page (in French).

The production of medical cannabis in Italy is expected to increase production in the face of growing demand. Currently, the production capacity is around 150 kilograms compared to an estimated 2019 annual demand of around one ton. The remainder is offset by imports mostly from the Netherlands.

“Thanks to the additional funding provided for by the latest financial law, Italy is awarding a call for tenders to identify a company that will expand its cannabis greenhouses. By 2020, we will be able to increase the production capacity to three hundred kilos per year, explains Colonel Antonio Medica, director of the military pharmaceutical plant in Florence.

In Italy, the army provides medical marijuana, for some it is a big problem.
Antonio Medica, colonel in charge of the cannabis laboratory of the Italian army, shows the marijuana produced at the chemical and pharmaceutical institute (ICFM), January 27, 2017 in Florence

To meet the growing demand, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health are also considering identifying one or more private partners, who could invest in increasing production at Pharmaceutical in Florence where there is also square.

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“We have areas to make immediately available to reach over four thousand kilograms of production per year,” says Colonel Medica. We have the skills but we lack investment, we are looking for a partner to make this major leap in production in terms of quantity, of which we will then ensure the quality.

The end goal is to saturate national needs and perhaps even to be able to produce a surplus available for export.

"We also work in the field of extractions," adds the colonel. We have found a way to manufacture an oily extract like the one produced by all pharmacies but manufactured at the industrial level, which will thus ensure its standardization.

All these events take place as thousands of people marched on Saturday May 11 for the 19th edition of the "Million March for Cannabis"

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