Introverts should smoke cannabis

introverts should smoke cannabis 1

University of Kentucky study finds cannabis helps people with introverted tendencies

More than half of the world's population seems to have introverted tendencies. The effect that cannabis can have on them is definitely significant. Additionally, multiple studies are emerging with new insights into how cannabis can change the mindset of people with antisocial-type behavior. In this regard, psychologist Timothy Deckman is particularly concerned about the pain that is often associated with the social life of introverts.

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Cannabis improves the social life of introverts

Many introverts can pass for extroverts. We are often unaware of being introverted, especially when we are not shy. Being an introvert isn't just about wanting to be alone ...

“Recognizing an introvert can be more difficult than finding Charlie. »Says Sophia Dembling, author of the book The Introvert's Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World

The company of others can make or lose excess energy in this type of person… University of Kentucky psychologist Timothy Deckman seems particularly concerned about the pain that introverts feel. Resulting from their social life, this form of pain can be emotional, but also physical ...

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Physical and emotional pain

La Deckman search is strongly influenced by an earlier study. The latter demonstrated in 2010 how acetaminophen (ibuprofen) interacts with the brain. This is because acetaminophen specifically focuses on areas of the brain containing cannabinoid receptors 1. In addition, these receptors influence the emotional responses derived from social interactions.

And it turns out that ibuprofen can decrease the intensity of the emotional distress that comes from social ill-being. Deckman's study wants to find out if cannabis does the same. See if its effect manifests itself better in social-induced pain.

Deckman expected great results before he even began his human experiments. THC and acetaminophen therefore interact on similar receptors. Additionally, cannabis appears to have a more pronounced effect in dampening the emotional response.

Cannabis dampens the emotional response

Study data was collected from over 5000 Americans. Deckman concluded that those who regularly used cannabis had a lot less resentment of loneliness and better self-esteem.

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A parallel test also revealed that 537 participants who smoked cannabis were less likely to suffer from major depression. So the results of this study more than positive and significant. Cannabis can be recommended with confidence to anyone with introverted tendencies. Because, cannabis helps to dampen the emotional response, especially when it is solicited in society.

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