Smart students have more inclination towards grass


Studious teens are more likely to smoke cannabis

Smart students are more likely to use cannabis, and less likely to smoke cigarettes. According to a new study published in the scientific journal BMJ.

smart students

Studious students

Young pupils with high scores tend to drink alcohol and smoke more cannabis than their less diligent peers in studies, and according to the results of a new British scientific study published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

THEÉtude conducted over nine years at the University of London (UCL) examined data from 6059 English adolescents. The students range from 11 to 20 years old, and had spread to 52 public schools across England. The results of the study found that despite the tendency to have a higher IQ and smoke cannabis and drink alcohol. Students were less likely to smoke cigarettes and therefore tobacco.

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smart students

Towards adulthood

The percentage of cannabis use among smarter youth (13-17 years old) has increased according to the study. Especially when they are approaching adulthood (18-20 years). One reason, researchers say, is that older teens have more curiosity. But also a strong desire to be accepted by their elders.

smart students

“Our research results show that adolescents with higher academic ability are less likely to smoke cigarettes, but more likely to drink alcohol and regularly smoke cannabis. This is similar to data on the adult population, ”the researchers wrote in a press release.

According to an investigator's estimate, alcohol and cannabis are widely used among successful students. Unlike cigarette smoking, and it is parents with a higher success rate who place the most emphasis on prevention related to cigarette smoke.

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