Illinois sold $ 11 million worth of weed in five days

Out of stock, some stores even had to stop their activities

Illinois cannabis dispensaries sold more than $ 10,8 million worth of recreational herbs in the first five days of sales. Some dispensaries have halted sales due to product shortages. Customers made over 271000 purchases during this time.

Illinois is the 11th state to legalize recreational weed and only Oregon had a comparable performance on day one. This state also generated $ 3,2 million in sales on day one.

The legal sales kicked off Wednesday in Illinois marking one of the best state-of-state projections in U.S. cannabis legalization history.

Sales were strong throughout the week, with the lowest revenue Sunday standing at nearly $ 1,2 million, according to state figures. By then, some dispensaries had stopped selling recreational weed.

dispensaries, Illinois
The value of selling cannabis products in the first 5 days in each of the states: Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois, California

For many of them, it is not certain that sales will start again.

“The demand was huge,” said Neal McQueeney, senior officer at the Midway dispensary near Midway Airport. “We knew we were going to run out of gear. It was just a matter of time.

Midway Dispensary stopped selling recreational products on Sunday and does not plan to resume sales until Friday. Like other stores that have shut down recreational sales, Midway is still open to medical patients, and the resumption of recreational sales is dependent on product shipments expected this week.

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For months, dispensaries have anticipated marijuana shortages. Almost all of the states that allow recreational marijuana have seen their stores run out of product or run out of product during the first few days of sales.

Industry in Illinois has spent months preparing, 21 state production facilities have increased supply capacity, but construction takes time, and so does cultivation.

Another factor at play is the increase in the number of medical patients, which has roughly doubled in the past year. Illinois law requires dispensaries to ensure they have enough cannabis for medical patients.

Thirty-seven dispensaries started selling recreational weed last week. Existing medical stores received the first entry into the industry, but last week the state completed its first round of applications for 75 new dispensary licenses. More than 700 applicants have submitted applications for these licenses, which are expected to be awarded by May.

Some Illinois dispensaries have said they are having trouble keeping enough stock for medical patients. Dispensaries instituted purchase limits last week and limited hours for recreational sales.

“No matter how much you had, you're going to miss it,” said Keith McGinnis, senior officer of NuMed. “You can set limits, buy limits, but you're going to burn yourself out anyway. "

dispensaries, Illinois

NuMed Interrupted Leisure Sales at Its Location Chicago Saturday, and McGinnis said the store needs to see what inventory will arrive this week before it can plan to restart those sales. NuMed's sites in East Peoria and Urbana are still selling at full speed, McGinnis said.

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In state stores, dry flowers or buds that can be smoked were usually the first product to be sold.

Illinois dispensaries have spent years “getting by” as the number of patients soars. Now there are customers but no product to sell them ...

“I was there on Sunday and I probably had over 200 cars coming in and out throughout the day. They come from out of state or from anywhere. The demand is definitely still there. "

dispensaries, Illinois

Cresco Labs did not open its Sunnyside dispensaries in the Lakeview neighborhood in Monday on Chicago, Elmwood Park, Rockford and Champaign for medical and recreational customers "to reset and give a break to staff who have worked five 14-hour days," spokesman Jason Erkes said in a statement.

The store in the South Chicago neighborhood implemented a purchase limit of $ 300 for customers last week, and that has remained in place.

“It looks like we are holding up quite well compared to others,” Krane said Monday morning. “Inventory management continues to be a challenge, but we haven't run out of flowers and we haven't run out of products yet, so far so good. "

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