How to plant your seeds

how to plant your seeds 10

Plant your seeds with Jorge Cerventez

Following the germination method, your seeds appear with a small sprouted root (taproot). She is like a newborn baby who needs tender and loving care. Jorge Cerventez world specialist in canna-culture, advises us once again, step by step, to plant your germinated seeds.

Step 1: Preparation of the culture medium

Prepare your planting (substrate) or rooting mixture. Use fine soil or above-ground (hydroculture) for a planting medium that maintains water and air uniformly (coconut fiber mixture for example). Do not use dirty or worn floor. A neutral substrate and clean of any bacteria, a sterile soil remains the best option. Have all of your supplies on hand and ready to go. You can also use a rooting cube, or sterilized wool cubes (hydro).

Finish the mixture (substrate / soil) or the cube with clean water. Under these conditions, use a stick or similar (inert) object to drill the planting holes. Don't use your finger!

Step two: Plant the germinated seed

Use tweezers to pick up and move the sprouted seeds. For this, dip your tweezers in alcohol to sterilize them before use. Remember, the seeds are very fragile at this early stage of life.

Carefully place each sprouted seed into the pre-drilled holes. Also, make sure the tip of the white root is pointing down. Besides, be ready and plant quickly. This is because exposing tender rootlets to excess light and air causes damage and slows growth.

Step 3: Cover the seed

Cover the sprouted seeds with a quarter of an inch of your wet substrate. In the case of rooting cube (or wool), you will need to crimp it.

Make sure you maintain your substrate or rooting cube evenly. Effectively, this will promote an adequate environment and oxygen. Soon the tiny white taproot will generate tiny foster roots. The microscopic feeding roots are fully functional in about 10 days. Later, some roots take on more specialized functions.

Once wet, the seeds should remain moist. It means constantly wet! If the seeds suffer from "water stress" they will be stunted or worse. In this regard, dried or drowned, means the death of your plant.

This point is essential for seeds and plant health. If you see a hint of dark on your roots, there is little chance that the plant will develop. Adding fertilizer or "special" products will not improve or save a seed.

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