topical hemp

Different forms and topical uses of hemp

"Topical" is a term dedicated to a drug which is to be applied to the surface of the body, such as an ointment. Cannabis has a wide range of options available in topical care. Here is some information on what they are and how they work.

Topical hemp

Topical cannabis

Cannabis is present in the form of lotions, creams, bath salts, balms and oils. These products work by being absorbed through the skin, where they activate cannabinoid receptors. Its topical appearance is one of the most effective pain treatments available for people with sore joints or muscles who aren't looking to get high, since THC does not topically enter the bloodstream. The absorption is particularly fast, and relieves the pain in the event of alarm, because applied directly to the place of the zone concerned.

Lots of hemp lotions or creams are available in the market. Although these do not contain active THC, they are made from cannabis seeds and are very beneficial and hydrating for the skin. However, if you are looking for pain relief, some of these products should be avoided as they do not provide the full range of topical benefits of cannabis.

Choosing a topical product

When choosing a topical cannabis product, the first thing to consider is where and how you want to use it. Here are some of the options and the best ways to use them:


Cannabis ointments applied topically (locally) are curative, in particular for their anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis-based balms are concentrated and used in medicine on patients with psioriasis, dermatitis. Like all other forms of topicals, ointments relieve pain in the first place.

Topical hemp


Cannabis spray is an excellent option to relieve severe pain: it is easy, convenient, relatively mess free, and is absorbed quickly.

Topical hemp

In lotion

The lotion is a better choice for more or less severe pain. It is less concentrated than an ointment or balm, but the lotion spreads over larger areas. The lotion is faster and includes many moisturizing ingredients which makes the skin smooth and soft.

Topical hemp

The oils

They are perfect for quickly relieving pain on areas like feet, elbows with rough skin. Oils are also very effective for a therapeutic massage and will work wonders on your shoulders or back, if you have a partner ready to help you.

Topical hemp

The balms

There are also lip balms that usually contain ingredients that work on cracking. Preferably peppermint balms or other aromatic scents work best.

Topical hemp

Bath salts

Bath salts are one of the most innovative and topical products. Bath salt can be used to relieve pain - just add them to a hot bath. They are also useful for relaxation and deeper, more restful sleep. The cannabis-based bath " Hash Bath“, Nourishes damaged skin and tissue.

Topical hemp

All types of cannabis topicals work specifically and in different ways. You must therefore try different brands to find the product that suits you best, depending on the availability in your region ... In the event of unavailability, you can always do your homemade ointment, based on hemp.

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