German Patients Say Cannabis Is “More Effective” Than Conventional Medicines

Germany Leads with Robust Medical Cannabis Program

Germany is home to a robust medical cannabis program, providing patients with various options for obtaining their medicine. Prescriptions for medical cannabis products are authorized in Germany since 2017.

An Exemplary Medical Cannabis Program

Compared to many other countries that allow medical cannabis, Germany has much less restrictive policies and regulations. The patient base of the medical cannabis program in Germany serves as an ideal source for research and data, making it more representative of what a medical cannabis program should look like.

Revealing Survey on Chronic Pain Patients

A recent survey conducted among patients suffering from chronic pain in Germany revealed that many patients report that cannabis is “more effective” compared to other conventional medications. Here is more information via a press release from NORML :

Berlin (GER) : Patients with chronic pain and other conditions report that cannabis is often more effective than conventional treatments, survey data shows published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine. German researchers investigated patients' experiences with cannabis products. (THE plant cannabis and cannabinoid treatments, such as , were legalized by prescription in Germany in 2017; however, such products are generally only permitted when patients do not respond to traditional therapies.) More than 200 patients participated in the survey. Most respondents suffered from chronic pain and more than two-thirds of survey participants consumed cannabis flowers or extracts derived from the plant.

Consistent with many other studies, patients reported reductions in daily pain following cannabis therapy. Patients also reported that they were less likely to be anxious or depressed when using cannabis. Participants reported “greater satisfaction” with cannabis and said it was “more effective” than their previous therapies. Ninety-four percent of those surveyed reported having a more positive attitude toward cannabis after treatment.

“The results of this cross-sectional survey suggest that most outpatients treated with prescription cannabinoids in Germany subjectively experience health benefits and symptom reduction from these therapies,” the study authors concluded.

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