The 3D map of the DNA of the different strains


Not easy to find your way around the different strains? A site makes it possible to see more clearly the DNA links between the different species of cannabis.

The Phylosbioscience site offers for the first time the possibility of verifying the position of a strain in the galaxy Cannabis DNA. This can come in handy when researching cannabis appropriate. a genome map of the plant was already being prepared in 2016.

The site allows you to navigate in 3D directly from the site in the universe of different genetic strains. This map shows the different links between plants.

How does it work?

Just go to the site, on the left side you have a search engine. Indicate the strain you are looking for. If you go ahead several, choose the one you want.

La souche apparaît sur la carte 3D, avec une ligne la reliant à celle qui lui est la plus proche. Pour avoir plus d’informations, cliquez sur « Genotype report ».


Access to the strain's genetic identity card.


By scrolling the page, a visual identifies the strains closest genetically.


Lower other data such as the level of scarcity of the profile of this cannabis ...

... its genetic makeup ...

… Its stability (whether these seeds will produce stable or different strains)…

… And the most different cannabis that can produce, by crossing, an interesting new species.


So with this card, you have a better understanding of cannabis. Similarly you can also simply walk on this map to discover new species.

DNA knowledge for consumers… and the police.

On the other hand, if genetics can better understand the links between different cannabis plants, the police also use them. A scientific of New Haven University has also created a similar database. Its goal is to allow law enforcement to trace a strain of cannabis from its DNA during an investigation.


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