Vertical culture: The future of cannabis?

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 Why could vertical farming be the future of our plants?

When there's no space to spread out, vertical growing is a convenient way to maximize space. And reduce the total cost of growing indoors. What advantages for indoor producers?

 Vertical farming

Anyone who has been to a hop farm has seen the row upon row of vertical hop vines. While this may be surprising, cannabis, relative to hops, also performs well in vertical systems. Today, many commercial cannabis warehouses rely on vertical sprouting methods to take full advantage of the space.

Commercial professional equipment is far from profitable for the average producer. But simple vertical gardens are easy to set up in your own home. However, the initial cost of the equipment can be a bit expensive. This depending on the quality of the lights and other materials used.

How does vertical growth work?

vertical culture

Vertical cultivation, allowing growers to produce many plants in a staged system is also used by small growers looking to produce a few plants. This system allows growers to stack multiple tiers of plants vertically around a central lumen, dramatically increasing yield in a small space.

There are many forms of vertical gardening. One of the most successful ones involves growing plants in a cylindrical hydroponic system with suspended lighting in the center.

vertical culture
The 'SOG' method

The effect is similar to the "SOG" method of its English "Sea of ​​green" or Mer de verdure. The clones are flowered for about two weeks in the vegetative phase. This forces them to produce a large central trunk and thus achieve high yields. Many pruning sessions will be required. Which makes it a real “sea of ​​greenery”.

More reasons to go vertical?

Vertical gardens can produce plants any day of the year, giving growers a continuous and reliable supply of cannabis. Different vertical gardening configurations give full benefit to the light. This could be of great benefit to producers who need to reduce their electricity bills or are interested in reducing their overall energy impact.

vertical culture

While outdoor cultivation, which takes advantage of a free source of energy, is perhaps considered the most environmentally friendly, vertical gardening is a great way to make indoor operations more efficient, waste less resources and reduce overall water use.

In some states, such as California, cities and municipalities are legally permitted to prohibit personal outdoor cultivation. In these cases, potential growers must turn to indoor cultivation.

Vertical farming is a great fit for apartments and tight environments.

source: HERB.CO

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