China warns its citizens residing in Canada

china warns its citizens residing in canada

Following legalization in Canada, Chinese diplomats warn students that cannabis could prove dangerous for physical and mental health ...

Chinese diplomats in Canada sent a public letter to Chinese citizens. The latter calls on Chinese students to avoid any contact with cannabis. This after Canada legalized recreational use ...

Legalization has become a hot topic among the Chinese population residing in Canada ...

The press release South China Morning Post , confirms a letter posted on the official website of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto. Although the change in the law means that the recreational use of cannabis is now legal:

“The consulate would like to remind Chinese citizens in the consular district, especially foreign students, that in order to protect their physical and mental health, they should avoid any contact or use of marijuana. "

After the legalization of the pot, Asian Canadians are culturally divided. Last week the South Korea went further than the Chinese authorities by threatening to prosecute any citizen who allegedly consumed cannabis in Canada ...

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Chinese consulate, Toronto, Chinese students
Across America there are self-help groups for young smokers of Asian origin…

The letter from the Chinese consulate does not go that far. But it does list the specific conditions under which it is legal to consume cannabis in Canada. Remembering that the sale or possession of weed to anyone under the age of 18 is illegal. Noting another rule, smuggling cannabis through customs remains completely illegal.

Chinese consulate, Toronto, Chinese students
"Chinatown gate" in downtown Vancouver.

In addition, the possession, sale and cultivation of cannabis remain strictly prohibited in China. And this letter, unsurprisingly, warns people not to try to import Canadian cannabis.

“The regulation of marijuana could have serious consequences for foreigners living in Canada. "

The change in the law created a cultural gap between generations of Canadians of Asian origin. While some young Chinese have welcomed the change, older immigrants have been critical. Some have taken to the internet to voice concerns about the “dangers” posed by legal cannabis, with fear-mongering messages like:

"You will never imagine how many Chinese lives will be ruined by legalization"!

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