Catalonia legalizes cannabis cultivation and consumption

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Catalonia has adopted a law authorizing and regulating clubs of cannabis consumers

The regional parliament of Catalonia, which operates autonomously, has passed a law (118 votes in favor, 8 against and one abstention) authorizing the cultivation, consumption and transport of cannabis for adult use. Catalonia is the second most populous region of Spain, the law will regulate 7,5 million inhabitants.

A first in Europe

In Spain, the law penalizes the use of cannabis in public. But it remains silent on private consumption, which is therefore tolerated. The Catalan Parliament in Spain, which operates autonomously, will regulate the cultivation, consumption and transport of cannabis for adults. This ambitious and bold decision marks the first time in Europe. This is the first time that we have established an adult use system of this nature. This effectively allows cannabis to be a legal product in the region.

Federations of Cannabis Social Clubs in the Parliament of Catalonia

Cannabis clubs

Although these new regulations are for the benefit of Catalans who enjoy cannabis, Marijuana tourism is not allowed. As a result of these regulations, the new rules will stipulate that anyone applying to be a member of a cannabis club must wait 15 days before participating in the club's marijuana culture.

New regulation says cannabis clubs can not produce more 150 kg of dried marijuana per year. Each crop will require approval by an agrologist. This is to determine if the amount grown is consistent with the amount consumed for each cannabis club. In addition, social cannabis clubs are estimated between 700 and 800 in Catalonia ...

"We did not want to do anything to half measure," said Alba Vergés, chair of the Health Committee in Parliament.

Vergés refers to the famous "backdoor law" that existed for decades in places like Holland and Amsterdam. There, where the sale of marijuana was legal. But the culture was still led by the black market ... That's why the authorization of culture figure in this historic decision of the Catalans.

Anyone over the age of 21 can buy up to 60 grams per month. And those who have 18 and 21 years are only allowed 20 grams per month. But the amounts do not apply to those who use marijuana for medical purposes. In addition, these new regulations do not allow the consumption of alcohol in clubs or foods (marijuana) of any kind.

Catalonia claims to be totally independent of Spain

The Catalan government is aware that this new decision can be contested in the constitutional court by the federal government in Spain. The Catalan Parliament has declared publicly that Catalonia holds the legal right to authorize this legislation.

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