Opening of the Cannabis Cup in Mexico

 Yet illegal in Mexico, this cup seeks to promote the cultivation of recreational cannabis.

This Sunday took place, for the first time in Mexico, the Cannabis Cup, which is celebrated by about 250 recreational cannabis enthusiasts, from different countries.

A first event for recreational cannabis

The event took place, without permission from the authorities, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. Activists and organizations from different parts of Mexico intervened. Consumers from countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and the United States were present. You could see cannabis and its derivatives, such as seeds and extracts.

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Poster of the first cannabis section in Mexico

On an open-air parcel, about twenty booths displayed magazines with cannabis studies and products: from traditional cigars and glass pipes, hand-made to beauty products. We could also

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During the celebration, the quality of 15 samples of cannabis flowers and 20 extracts was analyzed. Thus, judges evaluated their culture, texture, aroma and flavor. The absence of fungi and chemicals was also part of the criteria.

According to the Mexican government's latest National Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use Survey, marijuana use was 1,2% in 2016, rising to 2,1% in 2017.

Legalization of medical cannabis

Medical cannabis has been legalized in 2017 in Mexico, however any other type of consumption remains prohibited.

The Mexican tourism minister wants to legalize recreational consumption in states close to the US border. The objective is to fight against drug cartels in these sensitive areas. Organized crime has become endemic by thriving on harsh prohibition.

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