Cannabis and psychedelic


Marijuana with psychedelics acts as a fuse to visions

Psychonauts and sincere veterans will all tell you that. Cannabis doesn't pair that badly with psychedelic experiences! But in the case of magic mushroom marijuana would tend to reduce it, even to be a fuse to visions. This does not minimize the association which in the long term will always be beneficial. Cannabis is the psychonaut's best companion… Explanations:

The psychedelic experience

Quand on commence les psychédélique, on est en général un peu imbécile par les proportions épiques des consommations… Comme s’il s’agissait de bonbons gratos qu’on nous livre en toute sympathie, et par des mains étrangères… Le principal aspect du « trip » est l’introspection qui se produit sur un niveau conscient. Bien sûr, comme avec tous les psychédéliques, vous êtes forcé de contempler certaines questions profondes concernant la réalité, le cosmos et la signification de votre vie en conjonction avec l’univers entier… Mais dans l’ensemble, il s’agissait surtout de trébucher sur la réalité et d’avoir du bon temps….

Cannabis and psychedelic
« trébucher sur la réalité « avec le cannabis associatif…

En général un psychonaut se doit d’arrêter de consommer des « drogues », car à un moment il faut se familiariser avec son identité, ses pensées et les nouveaux paradigmes que çà apporte. En gros, à un moment il faut prendre conscience de ce qu’on est vraiment ! Avec cette nouvelle compréhension de son moi profond, on ne peut peut qu’apprécier la substance sur le long terme, et surtout, il vous faudra utiliser cette technology to your advantage.

Cannabis and psychedelic
The executives of the silicon valley take LSD to hold on…

So, before continuing with this analysis of the interaction of cannabis and psychedelics, it must be reiterated that the psychedelic is a "tool" and should be used with careful planning and a full understanding of the mechanisms that are behind each substance.

Cannabis and psychedelic
A schism, more than noticeable ...

Under the influence of drugs we end up with a schism between our perception of reality and reality itself. You need to know "who you are" to fully appreciate the power of psychedelics.

In the case of LSD

The effects in a festive setting usually occur after 30 to 45 minutes, you become aware of your body and mind. But in general with the quality of current LSD you don't really have visions… And yet visions are the ultimate goal of psychedelic drug research, and this is where cannabis positively intervenes.

Cannabis and psychedelic
Microdosing is better, but this is not the case ...

In the case of LSD, cannabis is the catalyst that starts the journey. It helps your body and mind come to terms with what is happening to it and you can start the journey with no problem. The visuals become amazing, and the trip obviously very personal… In the case of LSD, cannabis therefore helps to shape the trip, and improves it by association and inhibition of fears.

The Bad Trip

The bad trip occurs when the environmental association and toxic is bad, alcohol is often the culprit. Sometimes, the intensity of the trip makes people very anxious, which is not a good thing, even the opposite of the desired effect… Psychedelics are strongly linked to your emotions and your perception of the moment. If you become fearful or anxious, psychedelics magnify the experience and tend to visualize your fears.

Cannabis and psychedelic
The psychedelic frenzy ...

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some people call it a 'bad trip', however even when you step into the 'void' the experience can be very beneficial to the person. good spirit...

Cannabis and psychedelic
Le « vide » peut être bénéfique…

Remember one essential thing, during a trip, the mind must play tricks !! Obviously he defrauded you to stay good player. In the event that you do not succeed, indeed the mary jane can be great, the trip will quickly become pleasant and calm what is called the psychedelic frenzy.

Cannabis resuscitates the trip

At the end of the trip, when the LSD begins to decrease, you still have some lingering traces. A good dab can literally revive visuals for a short while. This is something that people used to psychedelics often do, enough to give boost extra and sparkling at the end of the race ...

Cannabis and psychedelic
Un « Mars » et çà repart …

For the psychonaut, having cannabis on hand is essential. Cannabis is a great companion for psychedelics. Finally if you are a psychonaut ...

In the case of mushrooms (Cubensis)

The marriage of Cubensis mushrooms and cannabis is subtle and comfortable. But you should know one very important thing, hallucinogenic mushrooms and the main compound, psyclocybin are fragile !! ...

Cannabis and psychedelic
Cubensis Fungi, Fiji

La psylocybine est moins toxique qu’un cachet vitaminé effervescent ! De ce fait il est beaucoup moins assimilable et passe en dessous de tout « toxique » lors de la digestion. Une simple bouffe trop chargée en huile ou en graisse empêchera la bonne diffusion de la substance et donc diminuera l’effet (qui est déjà spectaculaire). Dans le cas de l’alcool, la boisson dominera le « trip » et il en sera de même avec le cannabis.

Cannabis and psychedelic
Rencontre du « double », sous champi…

Cannabis will therefore in a way prevent the visions specific to shrooms. Contrary to what one thinks, the magic mushroom provides very intense visions, of another dimension… The shamans or rather “oyoun” among the Yakoute, or “kam” among the Altaic and “boo” among the Buryats; use mushrooms rightly, to heal their neighbor and literally transcend reality ...

Cannabis and psychedelic
Le chamanisme est un phénomène « religieux » propre à la Sibérie et à l’Asie Centarle et du Nord. Notamment sur  l’île d’Olkhone située au sud ouest du lac Baïkal

To use the vision specific to mushrooms, you must have cleansed your body (and stomach), which in general is saturated with substances that are more assimilable than the compounds of the fungus (Cubensis). And it will be the same at the cognitive level and the cerebral cortex. In this specific case (natural psylocybin), cannabis will minimize the seeing experience!

En outre l’association est agréable, et plutôt saine pour un voyage très sympathique. Les choses seront étranges, joyeuses, mentales, psychédéliques, des rêveries très prononcées parfois- ce qui dans un sens est beaucoup mieux pour un « trip » en société ^^

« Un homme frénétique »

As an example, shamans using sacred plants call the process of dissociation of the mind and the neurogenesis provoquée par les champignons : « la petite mort »… Une véritable expérience aux champignons se rapproche véritablement des NDE (Expérience de mort imminente ). Autrement appelé « la chair des dieux », le champignon ne peut être qu’efficace en terme de vision qu’à la suite de rituel psychédélique… Il est aussi vraiment magic when he acts alone, following a certain bodily and spiritual hygiene, but also in an environment conducive to this (and not at home…). The mushroom is a key to the sacred, the spiritual ...

Cannabis and psychedelic
The word “shamanism” comes from the word bishop saman which means “an excited, frenzied man”. This word was borrowed by Russians in the 17th century to become a common term in world literature.

However, the mushroom and especially the psylocybin is the psychedelic tool par excellence. The association with cannabis will therefore make the experience different, and more adapted to our daily life ... This will allow to manage more or less the famous psychedelic waves in a more playful way ^^

Cannabis and psychedelic
Le cannabis minimise les visions sous champ, mais rend l’expérience plus « sociale »…

Like the administration of chemically isolated psylocybin in a clinical setting, can only be effective in cases of severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even severe depression. opiate addiction … In terms of dosage, cannabis and fungus can only go hand in hand.

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