Cannabis scrolls for fashion

Trend, when fashion shows go green

After the parties of Miley Cyrus, the blunts of Rihanna, the vapor pen of Di-caprio, the innovations of Uncle Snoop, cannabis invites itself in the fashion shows. Alexander Wang, Vivienne Westwood, Del Toro and many other designers put cannabis at the top of their collections.

Alexander Wang's “Badass Babe Brigade”

The trend model

Many celebs share their personal cannabis use in public. However, fashion trends have their ups and downs, but in every period a trendy model reflects the spirit of the times. This was the case for a time with the expression “heroin chic '” (heroin chic). A fashion that Kate Moss, Courtney Love and many others knew well… Indeed it was the time when cocaine was appreciated as a martini in the hand. Evidenced by Studio 54, with the famous Andy Warhol ...

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Kate Moss, the famous model of the “heroin chic” years (90's)…

Today the vegetal motifs of the plant are put forward, everything is good to take, prints on clothes, jewelry, and mannequin holding a spray ... In this regard, the firm Baggy East, had the idea to decorate its models with vaporizers in hand.

Model with a "pen steaming" to the music of "Ajay East"

Fashion is balanced between the political wind and the race for legalization. Famous pioneers like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna wear the "blunt" (the smoke) proudly displaying the world of weed. Thus, the stars develop a new vision of the “pothead-Fashion Chic” attitude (chic smokes).

Miley Cirrus in "pothead-Fashion Chic"

Alexander Wang

Wang 2016 winter collection

Alexander Wang is known for the design dedicated to young "daredevils". Her Fall Winter 2016 collection featured a long list of items with cannabis motifs. The collection includes jackets, skirts and dresses wearing the iconic contemporary leaf.

Fashion campaign by Alexander Wang, for summer 2017

And finally, for the Wang campaign of spring 2017, the models hold a joint in their hand, and turn the utensils ...

Fashion in our society

Panta-weed fashion ...

Fashion dominates our lives on all levels. Indeed, fashion changes are shaped by technological processes, whether human or historical. In short, it stratifies the global contexts of our life.

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Actress Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) in a decidedly cannabis dress by Alexander Wang

The trend represents the contemporary. So it relates to what is accepted in the spirit of our time. In short, cannabis has become part of this new standard. In conclusion, the green plant breaks taboos and its use, its beauty is more and more valid around the world.

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