Luxembourg will facilitate access to the medical weed


The State Council of the Grand Duchy has decided to allow general practitioners to be able to prescribe medical cannabis.

The Luxembourg deputies of the Health Committee have examined the draft law on medical cannabis. The goal is to determine the conditions allowing patients to be delivered cannabis. Significant changes have been made to allow generalists who have been trained to issue prescriptions.

An opinion of the Council of State on medical cannabis

Health Minister Lydia Mutsch presented her bill in broad outline to MPs. Thus it was originally intended that only medical specialists be able to prescribe medical cannabis.

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Lydia Mutsch, Luxembourg Minister of Health

However, Council of state issued an opinion so that the law allow all physicians to be able to prescribe cannabis to patients in need. The condition being that all have followed training around these new types of treatment.

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The minister had initially indicated that she wanted to see the places of provision limited to the four hospitals in the country. On the other hand, a certain number of deputies prefer an expansion of the sale to pharmacies.

A first in Europe

It is the first European country to adopt such legislation, which will include a report after two years. With these initial data, a needs assessment can be refined and implemented. Thus, given the number of people covered, it will become easier to estimate whether cannabis can be extended to other treatments. Indeed, certain diseases, such as AIDS, are not in the list of ailments that cannabis can relieve.

Cannabis will come from Canada, which is taking an important position in global distribution.

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