Cannabis: an investment for Bob Marley's family

2017 was a great year for cannabis companies. The process of standardizing the plant with the general public and investors continues.

With legalization January 1 in California, the year 2018 is also likely to present itself under good auspices. Whether it's private investment, or capitalizing on singer Bob Marley's name, there are many ways to make money on cannabis.

For the Marley family, a family investment

Already, for many years, the children of singer Bob Marley have invested in cannabis. As early as February 2016, the brand Marley Natural, based in Washington state, began marketing different products by surfing the image of the Jamaican.

investment, legalization, bob marley

His son Damian Marley followed the same career as his illustrious father for some time. But he is undoubtedly the one who invested the most in cannabis with his Californian company Stony Hill. More interestingly, he has bought in 2017 the leading cannabis magazine, High Times.

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investment, legalization, bob marley

On the other hand, his brother Rohan Marley wishes to embark on sale of cannabis by launching what he himself describes as the “Weed Starbucks”.

Ky-Mani Marley started selling items related to cannabis use. In addition, he claims to consult producers in order to create a strain in his name.

Last on the list is Julian Marley. Like Ky-Mani he sells bongs and vaporizers through his company, Dropleaf.

For the Marley family, regardless of the criticism received regarding the misuse of their father's name, they see it more as a continuation of their father's fight for legalization. And above all, business is business.

investment, legalization, bob marley

However, Bob Marley's family weren't the only ones to ride the lucrative cannabis wave.

A year of prosperity for Canadian companies

investment, legalization, bob marley

In Canada, where legalization will be effective this year, many Canadian cannabis producers more than tripled their turnover in 2017. In this market, the financial perspectives will therefore also have to be followed closely.

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With dizzying increases (more than 100% increase), Canadian companies such as Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis Inc, Aphria Inc et MedReLeaf Corp. see 2018 as a pivotal moment in the plant production industry.

Of course, their actions have had an incredible year. The fears of the market at the start of 2017 have dissipated, as in the spring cannabis stocks fell by 30% to 50%.

investment, legalization, bob marley

The introduction of cannabis into the portfolio of investors.

At the time of this decline, many investors took advantage of the rebound to triple their values. Being able to predict whether this scenario will happen again this year can pay off.

The most interesting is the way the cannabis market is normalizing and attracts more accustomed financiers to take positions on traditional values.

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